TapHanger Makes It “Fun to Hang Picture Frames”

Okay, generally, I don’t really review hand tools, but this is because there are so little change of them. I don’t think the hammer has changed much since whenever it was invented, except maybe that claw thing. The TapHanger is made to challenge how you hang pictures.

Here’s how it works. The TapHanger comes with these double nails that you insert in this TapHanger tool, which looks like the holding end of a screwdriver. Then you hammer in one of the pointed sides into the frame of a picture, like in the corner. Then you just push in picture into the drywall.

So you know those pictures that you can’t hang straight? Well, if you mess up, you can just pull it out, and then put it on again. I put a video below so you can see how it works.

This TapHanger Picture Frame Hanging Kit comes with 80 of these TapTacks, and it can be purchased on sites like Amazon like $12.99. You can find out more information about the TapHanger here.