Why my book “The Labyrinth House” Looks so much like “The Maze Runner”

Okay, I have written a book known as The Labyrinth House and it was published in 2014. The issue is that it bears a strong resemblance to a book out now, a bestseller that is also a movie called The Maze Runner, which was published in 2009.

I’m going to say that I am not at all upset with James Dashner (author of The Maze Runner), and I don’t think this is a case of plagiarism. This isn’t like Antz and A Bug’s Life, where one is trying to out-do the other, or however those movies went down.

This is a simple case of two authors having similar concepts, and releasing their works at different times. In my case, I first conceived of The Labyrinth House in 2003. At the time, I conceived it as a pilot to a TV series, and I even sent it to an agent who can hopefully back this up. I also have a copy of the screenplay manuscript that I sent to myself, and it is dated December 17, 2003. I’m not certain if this “poor-man’s copyright” still applies, but I’ve got some time-stamped files that can back this up.

I honestly don’t think that it will ever come to a lawsuit, because honestly, my book isn’t really selling at the level as The Maze Runner. The issue is my book looks like a Johnny-come-lately. It looks like I copied James Dashner, but trust me, I didn’t.

Now, here’s some similarities and differences.

1) The main character wakes up to find himself in a giant maze.

In Dashner’s work, the main character Thomas is not given a backstory, and wakes up as a partial amenesiac, which is the same case of the people there. In my work, the main character Bradley, finds himself in a maze, but he is fully aware of where he came from. All the people that he meets are not amnesiacs, and they have been there for several years, in some cases, centuries. Yeah, time doesn’t pass.

2) The main character meets a huge threat in the maze.

In Dashner’s work, the people imprisoned in the middle of this maze cannot go out because of these mechanical monsters known as Grievers that will kill anyone in their path. In my work, Bradley meets Robert, a human who essentially has the same agenda.

3) The pattern of the maze reveals the puzzle.

In The Maze Runner, the main character realizes that the maze is a pattern, and that it the shifting walls spell out letters. In my book, the maze walls don’t move, but there is a similar pattern. You can believe that when that part showed up in Dashner’s book, I was about ready to call foul.

Again, these are similarities, and these works, are incredibly different. It would be like comparing Antz and A Bug’s Life, two films that are extremely different in plotlines and tones. However, A Bug’s Life will be the one that will be remembered. I’m sort of hoping that my book won’t be the Antz, but honestly, I need to let people decide.

Now, there is a sequel written for The Labyrinth House that I am working called The Labyrinth City, and it should be out by next year. At this time, I’m going to need to stop reading Dashner’s series. It’s nothing personal, and I think it is a decent read. The issue is, I don’t want to pick up anything unconsciously from it.

For those that have read my book, and want to leave comment below, feel free.

Escape Rooms are a real life Labyrinth House

Escape RoomOkay, as many of you know, I write books as well as this blog, and it is exciting when you write about something and see it come to life. In case you are unfamiliar with my book The Labyrinth House, it is about a man who is trapped in a house, and he cannot leave. The only way out is to solve a series of puzzles.

As you can guess, this book was probably inspired by video games like Myst or other point and click games. Just to let you know, I originally conceived this idea as a TV series, but I was able to novelize what would be the “Pilot” episode. Little did I know that someone has actually been working on this in real life.

Labyrinth House CoverAccording to my Source, real-life escape rooms “have taken the world by storm in recent years with now close to 1,400 rooms spread across 277 cities and 53 countries around the world”. The basic premise is that you and others are trapped in a room and have to solve a mystery made of puzzles in order to be free.

Yeah, that is just like my book, and I swear that I never spent any time in one of these Escape Rooms. My Source talks about the Enigma Room which works like an FPS, and Matt Lee of this group has stated that “we’re getting people to live a video game or live a movie”.

All right, I don’t have one of these escape rooms in my neighborhood. Heck, I consider myself lucky to have a Laser Tag near me. I think I may have tapped into a fad, and I’m going to see how long this fad will last.


Get The Labyrinth House now!

Labyrinth House CoverOkay, I am the writer of this here blog, and guess what, I’ve got another book out now. This isn’t one of those LEGO Mindstorms EV3 book, but this one is Speculative Fiction ones, like the movies that I review every Saturday.

In fact, I once intended this book, The Labyrinth House, to be a movie. Actually, I intended it to be a TV show, and about a decade ago, I wrote the screenplay for two-hour pilot. It was about a man who finds himself in a house that he cannot leave from. A while ago, I submitted this work to Zharmae publishing, and a few months later, Luthando Coeur has published it.

As a writer, I always have some story going on in my head, and I’m not certain where I came up with the idea of The Labyrinth House. I think it has to do with my enjoyment of old-school point-and-click games. As a kid, I had a hard time playing Zork, a text-based adventure game that I almost solved on my own. I then went on to play Sierra games like King’s Quest and Space Quest, and I enjoyed the visual aspect to them. I then played Myst after college, and I enjoyed the idea of exploring a surrealistic world that involved solving a lot of puzzles.

It is very clear that The Labyrinth House was inspired by games like these, because this is what the main character references in the book. Yes, in The Labyrinth House, the main character, Bradley, is stuck in a house where he can’t escape from, and must solve puzzles to escape.

What is funny is this happens to Bradley on his honeymoon. Yeah, that really would suck and you can imagine that he would be very motivated to leave. The Labyrinth House is supernatural, and some people have been in it for hundreds of years. Yes, if you are in this house, then no time will pass.

The conflict in The Labyrinth House is about Bradley solving puzzles, but he finds that some of the people don’t want to leave. There is also one guy who went crazy, but I won’t go into detail on this.

Of course, I am going to recommend that you buy The Labyrinth House, because I wrote it. I think I’ve given you enough of a preview so you can see if it is up your alley. I hope it is a hit, but I have no plans for a sequel. I know that I intended it to be a TV series, but honestly, I don’t know exactly what the second episode would be.

The funny thing about The Labyrinth House is that I didn’t realize what it is about until after I was done. I’d like to hear what you think about. It is on Kindle now, but should be available on print soon.