Game Review: Tick Tock Bang Bang

Tick Tock Bang BangThere seems to be a trend these days for breaking the rules of time. For example, the video game Quantum Break allows the player to stop time, and then there is this awesome scene in X-Men: Apocalypse where the speedster Quicksilver rescues people from a building that is about to explode. Tick Tock Bang Bang takes that Matrix effect of slow time and makes a game out of it.

This game is an FPS that allows the player to intensely slow down time. The first opening levels allow for some intriguing sequences where cars careen out of control, and you have to get past them without getting hit. I am assuming that in spite of the cars slow-moving speed, some weird rule of momentum applies as just touching them will kill you.

The first levels are all about getting from point A to point B without getting hit by objects C. Then there is some shooting involved, and, why is this happening again?

Apparently, the main character is apparently a stuntman or stuntwoman, from the sound of her voice. Apparently, there is some kind of movie being filmed, and she is doing the stunts for it. Yeah, I really don’t think that the goal of the game is to be in a movie, especially when there are like pedestrians getting hit. They must be the secondary stuntpeople or something.

Well, it actually is a pretty cool concept for a game, and you can get it on the Steam Store for $9.99.