TouchJet turns any blank surface into a whiteboard

One of the reasons why I go to CES is to see new technologies come to fruition, and I was very pleased to see something known as the TouchJet at ShowStoppers. For those that aren’t in the know, Showstoppers is an after-party event that allows many companies to show off their goods after hours.

The TouchJet is one of those products that is under development, but I want it for my home. Imagine a way to just project a whiteboard, and you have the basic concept behind the TouchJet. I had a chance to try it, and you essentially set up a place to project, like on a blank screen, and then draw on that blank screen.

You can use up to 60 inches, and draw on it. I believe that a special pen is required, and it is good for presentations as well as some two-way communication, as you can see from the video. Man, what I wouldn’t give to have one of these in my home every time that I need a sheet of paper and a pen. You can find out more about it here.