TrackR Bravo

TrackRI’m going to review two devices today that pretty much do the same thing, and the TrackR Bravo is one of them. The Bravo is the size of that 50-cent piece that you see there, and it allows for tracking any lost or misplaced item.

This is possible with an application and it displays the distance between you and the item, whether it be a keys or a pet. Yeah, this TrackR bravo can be put on just about anything, and with a tap of a finger on the app, the bravo will ring so finding the product will be simple.

If you can’t find a phone, hit the TrackR device to ring the phone, even on silent. Also included is a GPS network when you find it with 100 foot range, and there are separation alerts to when you leave an item behind. This application has a serious map, which is quite helpful for trying to find whatever it is the TrackR is attached to.

This is quite an amazing product, and it can be bought at a very inexpensive price. One device costs $29.99, with 3 with 2 free for $89.99, and buy 5 and get 5 free for $149.99. It is available on the TrackR site.