Ashley Madison, My Response, Part Two

TrustifyWell, it would appear that the Impact Team has made good on their promise to bring the information from Ashley Madison’s 37 million subscribers online. I’m not going to put where you can get this information, I am told that downloading it requires a special browser but you’re smart enough to read this from a computer, so you can probably figure out how to do this yourself.

Since Mr. Josh Duggar was discovered as having an Ashley Madison account, the same question has come up from suspicious lovers. I’ve heard that the website of Trustify can discover if your suspicious loved one has an Ashley Madison email account. So far, he’s the one that is getting all the press, and that is the last thing that man needs.

Well, I really don’t want to talk about Josh Duggar, but someone challenged my attitude on Ashley Madison the other day. You may have noticed that I said that something about me is glad that the Ashley Madison accounts were hacked, but here’s the thing: if I am glad at that, should I rejoice that other big accounts are hacked?

The thing that I have discovered lately is how strange morality is. I guess as wrong as I believe it is for a married or committed person to have an Ashley Madison account, it’s just as wrong to hack into said account, for any reason. These ends just doesn’t justify the means, and I guess I am going to have to let those who have secrets keep those secrets.