Weego Rechargeable Battery Pack Compact

WeegoOkay, we are reviewing another mobile battery with the Weego Rechargeable Battery Pack! I’m beginning to think that we should change the name of this tech and gadget blog just to talk about it.

So by now you know the drill, I talk about how inconvenient it is to have your smartphone and tablet run out of power, and how you need some juice at a critical moment. So it is just a matter of how many mAh, which is 2600, which is enough for charging a smartphone one and a half times. Oh, it also has a 1A max. output to charge smartphones and other USB devices.

As you can see, it has your typical mobile battery look, and it is very pocket-sized at 3.3 inches with heavy-duty quality materials and components for durability. You should be able to get it on the Weego site for about $19.99.