Wreck It Ralph 2 (Ralph Breaks the Internet) Review Pumped Up on Rotten Tomatoes, Has All the Problems with Disney Mediocre Sequels

I have to admit that there wasn’t really any film out that I wanted to see, and I recall from my review of Wreck It Ralph years ago that the film did not need a sequel. However, a friend of mine stated that the film was getting “a 98 percent on Rotten Tomatoes”, but I recently checked, and it was settling in at 86 percent. In fact, I just checked about a few days later, and it is now at 88 percent at this writing.

Ralph Breaks the Internet Movie Review e1543115147642 1132x670

Ralph Breaks the Internet Movie Review e1543115147642 1132×670

This isn’t the first time that I have seen numbers on Rotten Tomatoes high upon a film’s initial release, and then go terribly down later. I believe that all of DC’s Cinematic Universe films are guilty of this. I feel like there is a way to just “mess with the numbers” when it comes to a film’s initial release, like someone who alters figures on their taxes.

Either way, I feel manipulated. It is my belief that movies are a subjective experience, which is what makes them so great. I believe that everyone’s favorite film is probably someone’s least favorite film. However, there are films that are considered just “bad” because most do not receive it well.

I believe that when we are watching a good movie, we “feel” it, because it produces a legitimately positive response, even if we can’t explain why. I’ve explained that one of my favorite films is Speed Racer, even though it is a very low-rated film and was a flop for Warner Brothers. I’ve already explained why I like it, but I don’t think it is wrong to have feelings involved with my reasoning.

The issue with Disney of late is they have created some really great and original films such as Moana and Coco. However, they have this really annoying habit of creating sequels that are made to be surefire hits, but aren’t really necessary, like Incredibles 2 and Cars 3. These sequels have their moments, but they really are not good, overall. I just don’t get that initial feeling that I felt with the original.

Wreck It Ralph 2, or Ralph Breaks the Internet, is just like this. The initial premise is really, really forced, and the idea of Ralph hitting the Internet seems even more forced. There are spoilers ahead at this point, so hit “more” for more.

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