Precisely when does the holiday season begin again?

holiday_home_decoration_winners_are_announcedOkay, today is Halloween, and I believe that this has got me wondering: when does Christmas shopping season begin? I walked into a store today and they were putting up Christmas decorations, and Halloween hasn’t even began yet.

I remember as a kid not being able to wait until Christmas, and not seeing any commercials related to it until Thanksgiving. Now, I see them before Halloween. I can’t help but wonder when it is too early to advertise for it. I remember in The Charlie Brown Easter how stores were decorated for Christmas during Easter.

I am hoping to see more Christmas items as we are heading into the holiday, assumging that we are. I am going to declare Oct. 24 the official now-you-can-celebrate Christmas day.

Motorola Ara could start a new era in smartphones

motorola araWhat you are seeing here is a disassembled smartphone, but it is for a good reason. You know how a lot of phones like the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy S have to be upgraded, like every year? Imagine if you could just update certain things when needed.

This is the concept behind Phonebloks, and it really is something that could simplify smartphones as we know it. This is good for third-party hardware developers, and you have to love the modular thing going on. So you can switch out the battery, the camera, and even more accessories.

Well, this is something that Motorola can do something with their Project Ara, and we will have to see on that.


Lenovo announces their Yoga Tablet, with Ashton Kutcher

Lenovo Yoga TabletLast night, Lenovo had a live YouTube broadcast with the one-and-only Ashton Kutcher to show off the new Yoga Tablet.

Ashton hit the stage to say that he is apparently on Lenovo’s team, and they even had a comedy sketch to show him at the company HQ. Yeah, it wasn’t very funny, but who cares, let’s talk about the Tablet! This is a step up from the IdeaPad Yoga 11S Convertible Notebook.

The Yoga Tablet is not like any other tablet as it has a unique shape. Lenovo have been promising something really new with this design, and there are some things that are new. The kickstand, for example, is pretty cool, but wait, doesn’t the Surface have something like that? Still, the Hold Mode looks very good for daily usage, and that is new.

Lenovo really wants to emphasize the 18-hour battery life, which is a plus if you are using a tablet all day. This is apparently twice the battery power of most tablets, and that is pretty nice.

There is also a cool accessory of a magnetic Bluetooth keyboard that can protect the screen. I don’t know if that comes with it, but the Yoga Tablet 8 costs $249.00 and the Yoga Tablet 10 costs $289.00.


New Army Helmet brings Heads Up Display day to a close

halo-helmetIn case you aren’t aware of this, I pick the subject matter from mostly other tech blogs. Generally, I write about what interests me the most, or what I know readers what to read about.

In the case of today, this is my third heads-up display story that I covered. The first being that cool new technology that put touch to your sight, and then that potential Google Glass store in San Francisco Bay.

Now here is this military application for Google Glass, looking straight out of the Halo franchise. I didn’t really have much information on this, but there is a video at my Source.

You can see how the helmet disassembles and offers a lot of protection, but I didn’t really see a good demonstration of that heads-up-display that it was talking about. Apparently, you have to hook up Android phones.

I guess we’ll be seeing more of this type, as I officially announce that the age of the Heads-up Display like Google Glass and more.


Google trying to build a Google Glass store on a San Francisco Bay Barge?

Google Glass bargeI guess if I was the head of a big tech company, I would probably enjoy building structures to do more than just get attention. After all, Amazon is creating that Bio-dome in Seattle, and now I hear that Google is building something in the San Francisco Bay.

I find it very odd that Google is building this thing, and according to my sources, it is being built for the purpose of selling Google Glass. From what I heard, this structure on a barge is being made near Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay, and will be towed close to the city when the Glass really breaks onto the market.

I could have sworn that the Glass was already out, but I’ve yet to be walking down the street and see someone actually wearing it. You would think something like that would be a target for muggers.

But I digress. I certainly think this is the weirdest type of marketing that I have seen, assuming this is true. This would be like Apple putting their next new iPhone or iPads on a boat to sell. It is like a tech ark or something.


i-Air adds touch to Heads-Up Displays

It seems like I have been seeing a lot about Google Glass, and I haven’t really seen many people try and imitate this tech, as yet. This particular tech from ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) could make the Glass invisible.

By invisible, I am talking about never to be seen again. As far as I know, most of Google Glass had its controls based on the voice, but what if you were able to see and touch what you see on the glasses. This is all thanks to i-Air Touch (iAT) technology, and this could completely replace your laptop or tablet.

I honestly think there is a huge potential for this type of technology, and I can totally see a future where everyone has one of these. I would imagine that we would have people just touching air from another point of view. How long would we have to live in a world like this before we get used to people grabbing air all around us?


iPin Laser pointer fits right on your phone’s headphone jack

laser pointerPersonally, I think that smartphones like the iPhone need to have more hardware attachments to them. I picture a day where a phone can have more features on it than a Swiss Army Knife, so if you want a screwdriver, there is an app for that.

Of course, you will have to redesign the smartphone for that, and you can even create some sort of case to hold it, maybe. So we maybe a long way from making your phone into a multi-tool, but this iPin works on integrating a laser pointer into the iPhone.

All that is required is to stick the iPin in the headphone jack, and this somehow uses the power from the iPhone rather than the internal power of this iPin. There is an app for the iPin, but I’m not certain what that will do.

This is very cool, and it will cost $40 for an iPin. That might seem like it is much, and I’ll give that to you.


Amazon building their own private jungle in the Seattle area

Amazonian SeattleBeing from the Seattle area, it is always interesting to see what the big tech companies are doing. For example, Amazon wants to build a jungle, in the Seattle area.

Yes, they want to make their own Bio-Dome, and the Pauly Shore movie is of no relation, hopefully. Actually they want to build three bio-domes, as part of their new massive headquarters which includes three skyscrapers that will stand more than 70 stories, each. That is almost as tall as the Columbia Tower, the current tallest building in Seattle.

Wow, that looks that will pick up tourism downtown. Actually, it won’t, because Amazon won’t let anyone but their employees in this private jungle. Oh man, that is so not fair. Couldn’t you have some sort of coupon day, or something? Well, I think this company is always hiring.


LG Flex oddly announced

LG FlexSome of you might be questioning that headline, and yeah, I will admit that it is quite skeptical in its coverage. Did LG announce the Flex or not?

The truth is that LG’s press release briefly appeared online, and then, bam, it was gone. I have received an email about it, so I will simply assume that it is okay to report on it.

So in case, you haven’t heard, LG has a new phone with a curved screen. Now, you may have heard that one before, and you are right. Samsung just announced the GALAXY ROUND not long ago. The big difference is the ROUND has its curve lengthwise, while the Flex has it widthwise. Compare the pictures if you need to see what that means.

The Flex has a six inch OLED 720p, 2GB of RAM, 13 Megapixel camera, and 2.26 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor. Here is one thing that I am having a hard time believing: a self-healing coating for the back. Apparently, it can heal hairline scratches in seconds. Yeah, I am having a hard time believing that one, but you never know, it could exist. In fact, it probably does, just like this phone that didn’t get properly announced.