The Griffin PowerDock 5 for five iPads, iPods, or iPhones, because dang it, we need this!

powerdock5-1_1Yeah, you can see that I feel very strongly about this particular issue, but if you have a workspace or any living quarters, you are going to run into an issue where a lot of people are going to charge their mobile devices all at once. In that case, you are going to need the PowerDock 5 from Griffin Technologies.

This particular easy-to-assemble device has six little walls so you can place five items, be they tablets or smartphones, in between them. Then all you need is the USB charging cables, and you have got yourself a charging station!

Oh, you think that is good! Oh yes you do. I have tried it out for myself, and I know it is good, an it can charge pretty fast as well, depending on how many devices that you got jacked in.

You can find out more about compatibility here, and purchase it for about $99.99.

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