Lenovo announces their Yoga Tablet, with Ashton Kutcher

Lenovo Yoga TabletLast night, Lenovo had a live YouTube broadcast with the one-and-only Ashton Kutcher to show off the new Yoga Tablet.

Ashton hit the stage to say that he is apparently on Lenovo’s team, and they even had a comedy sketch to show him at the company HQ. Yeah, it wasn’t very funny, but who cares, let’s talk about the Tablet! This is a step up from the IdeaPad Yoga 11S Convertible Notebook.

The Yoga Tablet is not like any other tablet as it has a unique shape. Lenovo have been promising something really new with this design, and there are some things that are new. The kickstand, for example, is pretty cool, but wait, doesn’t the Surface have something like that? Still, the Hold Mode looks very good for daily usage, and that is new.

Lenovo really wants to emphasize the 18-hour battery life, which is a plus if you are using a tablet all day. This is apparently twice the battery power of most tablets, and that is pretty nice.

There is also a cool accessory of a magnetic Bluetooth keyboard that can protect the screen. I don’t know if that comes with it, but the Yoga Tablet 8 costs $249.00 and the Yoga Tablet 10 costs $289.00.


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