Will EyeFly3D really change the world?

EyeFlyOkay, are we over 3D yet? I mean, I would imagine it was some cheap thrill when it first came out, and experienced some revival in the 80’s, and another since the release of James Cameron’s Avatar. Since then, I’ve seen some films in 3D, and I have enjoyed them. I honestly think I would have liked the 3D films that I saw just as much if they were in 2D.

I’m not certain if we want 3D as much as we just want content, period. I’ve reported on an accessory known as EyeFly 3D before, in fact, I reported about it before here. The EyeFly3D Nanoglass screen is something that you stick on your iPhone 5, and it will allow you to see 2D videos in 3D, provided you use the proper app.

It does work, and pretty well. I think the bigger question is, why doesn’t every smartphone have something like this. That, and some automated software to make the filmed videos on YouTube 3D.

Personally, I think that EyeFly3D has quite a future, and you can get in on it now here for $29.95. Perhaps you should get on this 3D train before the 3D fad ends, again.

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