3DRudder allows you to use your feet on the computer

3DrudderSome of you might remember how in my KeyMouse article, I talked about how something like this might be necessary in a world where we will need to do work in 3D rather than 2D. There is another device that I saw at CES 2015 that is made for a different kind of interface with the 3DRudder.

I had a chance to try it out, and it is somewhat interesting. You put the your feet on the 3D rudder on the imprints of the feet, and you can spin it and lean for all kinds of interaction. I have to admit I was really spinning when I first tried it, but what do you expect, no learning curve?

I suppose that it is possible to use the 3D rudder without a mouse, but I’m not certain how you are supposed to click with. Use a big toe, perhaps? No, it’s not like that, but I like the idea of not moving my hand from my keyboard to move my mouse. Seriously, ever since KeyMouse opened my eyes to that time-waster, I can’t help but think about the wasted seconds of my day on that, compounded.

Now, this is an Indigogo project, but I think it will be available soon. I don’t have a price for it as yet, but you can read more information about it here.

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