Allsop Active ClickGo Sport Armband 5.7

ClickGO Sport Armband - Front w-Pouch Galaxy S6It has been years since I first saw Allsop products at CES, and I am finally getting a chance to try one out for myself. Today, it is the ClickGo Sport Armband 5.7, which is good for the phones that are 5.2 inches in height. So that will work on the current iPhone 6/6S and Galaxy S5 and S6.

Well, this is an armband for the smartphone, and we have reviewed those before, just like we did with the Tunebelt. Generally, these things are used for protecting a phone against the weather (not to mention sweat), and there is a zipper with transparent screen so the phone can be used in the armband.

So, what makes this ClickGo different? Well, it is a ClickGo! That means that you can remove the phone while it is in the transparent sheath from the armband itself. In case you are wondering why you would even want that, the ClickGo is interchangeable with other pieces of the ClickGo like the Sport Belt, Bike and Stroller Mount, and Strap-Belt Clip.

I had a difficult time removing it at first, but that is a good thing. Eventually, I realized that there is a tab that has to be tilted forward, and then the phone-holding section can be yanked off the armband.

You should be able to find the ClickGo Sport Armband on the Allsop site for about $29.99.

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