Archos VR Headset proves we are heading for a new era of virtual reality

Archos VR headsetI seem to be seeing a pattern here that started with Google I/O with the cardboard goggles. Just this week I talked about the Carl Zeiss VR headset, and now this week, Archos is unveiling their VR Glasses.

If you aren’t familiar with Archos, they have a lot of products out like tablets, and this pair of VR Glasses is probably the item that has the lowest price. So what is this? I would say that it is a way of turning your smartphone into some kind of 3-D presenter, provided you have the right app for that. According to my Source, this is exactly what it is. Not only that, you can watch 3D movies and videos.

I personally think we are looking at a new age here. I’m wondering if I will get on a bus and see ever passenger have a pair of VR goggles, completely immersed in their own world.

Now video goggles are not new, but they are usually used in tandem with a computer or laptop. I don’t think they ever caught on, because they were very expensive. I mean, it wasn’t like they were Google Class or something, which I’m not certain will catch on.

Something like this VR headset, which is at a low price of £25. Something that as low-priced as this could easily catch on. Let’s just see if this is the way of the future.


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