Armpocket i-35 Armband

ArmpocketI have reviewed Armpocket products before, like when I reviewed the Nighthawk. They are designed to fit on the arm with a strap. I finally got a chance to try out the i-35, and this is because I finally had a chance to try out the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. (More on that later.)

The i-35 is designed for the larger phones, like the amazing popular Galaxy S4. The reason why I waited on reviewing it is because I wanted to see if I could fit a Galaxy Note 3 (the latest model) in it. Now I had to shove the Note 3, and I could fit it in, but had a hard time closing the zipper. Still, if you have the a desire to use the Note 3 like a big watch, you can do that through the transparent cover to access the touchscreen. The problem is, the headphone ports and accessing the pen will be problematic.

I recommend it for anyone who wants to keep a computer on your wrist. This is how I see this thing, as I don’t believe it is good for your upper arm while you are jogging. This is because of the location of the headphone ports.

In addition to this convenience, it has some pockets inside for credit cards. If you want it, you can get it on the Armpocket website for about $39.95.

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