GameClutch and Edge+ from Signal

SignalI never really hear of this company known as Signal, but they are related to dreamGEAR or i.Sound. Yeah, companies are weird that way. I had a chance to review some of their more interesting products including the GameClutch and the Edge+.

The GameClutch is that which you can see here, a device that allows you to put your smartphone in like so and make it into a game controller. I had a chance to try it out, and I have to admit that I like having my smartphone looking like a PS4 controller.

Now, what you cannot see here is how it can pretty much fit about any phone, possibly the phablet sized. I don’t think it can fit an iPad, but probably an iPhone 6 Plus. I will have to say that it didn’t really accommodate my Galaxy S5 with case. It is made for phones 3.15 inches wide at the most, but it is spring-loaded so the phone stays in there.

SignalAnd now for another Signal product with the Edge+, and it is a mobile battery with an interesting twist. Actually, it is a battery that doubles as a stand with a 20 degree or 35 degree angle, which feels unique to me in a world flooded with mobile batteries.

It is kind of cool, as you can charge a mobile device while you are watching a video or doing something like a Skype chat. It is a 4,000 mAh which means it is good enough for charging a smartphone twice and it even has the 2.4A output.

You should be able to purchase the GameClutch on the Signal Site for about $29.99, and the Edge+ should be about $49.99 on the same site.

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