Google unveils Cardboard VR at I/O

cardboard VRIf you aren’t familiar with how Google works, they have a big developers conference simply called I/O. Sometimes they roll out big things like a new version of Android, or some other big new Android phone. This time last week, it was cardboard.

I have no idea if anyone intends to mass-produce this very cheap holder, but they were given out by Google at I/O. Yeah, it is a very inexpensive way of showing how a simple Android phone can be used like a VR device such as the Occulus Rift. I have heard from my Source that Dodocase is making pre-made kits for about $20.

This carboard thing reminds me of an ad I saw in Time Magazine for a car that was a paper fold-up View-master. I really like how this is done, and I am guessing that I will see more items like this for mobile devices. Maybe Apple will have something at their shindig when they unveil the newest iPhone.


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