Moleskine Smart Writing Set

moleskine-smart-writing-setI can’t seem to talk about this product without thinking about the Wacom Bamboo Spark that I reviewed a few months ago. I believe that MoleSkine has a reputation for creating some high-quality notebooks, so they certainly have the branding power to pull a gadget like this off.

If you aren’t familiar with what the Bamboo Spark is, it allows the user to write on pretty much anything, and it will put it on one’s smartphone or tablet. I’ve said before why people who live in a digital age still need the freedom of a pen and paper, so why not just make that so it can transmit from the original source material of you to a digital form?

So if you are on a bus and don’t want to use your phone to type out stuff on a small screen, you don’t have to. Just write stuff down and then transmit to your digital device as a PDF or image file.

If you are wanting the Smart Writing Set, it comes with a Paper Tablet, Moleksin Pen+, and has a companion app for iOS and Android for $200.

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