Reticare Protectors on Screens Reduce Eye Damage

reticareOkay, it is time to talk about something potentially uncomfortable. The issue is that we are living in a world of screens on our smartphones, tablets, and computers, but we are not thinking about the effect of it. Fortunately, there is Reticare.

I first encountered Reticare at CES 2016, and I allowed the spokesperson the time it took to discuss the problem with our modern age. I guess I knew that I wanted to write about it there.

The issue is that new digital device screens emit 5 times more high energy light than previous ones, and this high exposure to light increases eye strain and increase risk factors to the retina. This can lead to eye strain and even do some irreversible damage to your retina.

Blocking this high-energy light will improve cell survival, and so this is what Reticare is for. As you can see, it is a cover for the iPhone, and it is also available for tablets, laptops, and monitors.

I wish I could say that I saw improvement with Reticare, but the issue is that Reticare is made for long-term improvement. This is something that really needs to be proven to see if it works well. I am told that it reduces risks of sleep disorders, eye strain, and macular degeneration.

The issue is that isn’t your iPhone worth the $19.99 for a decent screen protector that might protect your eyes as well? I would definitely say that it is worth it, and can be purchased for $19.99 on the Reticare site.

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