SEIDO Part 2: CAPSA (Galaxy S6), SURFACE (Galaxy S6), and DILEX PRO (Galaxy Note 5)

SEIDIO CapsaOkay, I now that covered some SEIDIO products for Apple, today it is SEIDIO Android day. This is the day we cover the CAPSA for the Galaxy S6, the DILEX PRO for the Galaxy Note 5, and the SURFACE also for the Galaxy S6.

Let’s start with the CAPSA, and I have no idea why it is called that. It is a good case for enclosing the Galaxy S6 for protection, but not from water. It is pretty good, and it will protect the front of your phone with some nice transparent touchscreen protection.

Of course, there are a lot of cases that do that, so what makes this one any different? Well, for one thing, there is this cool metallic kickstand to prop it up so it doesn’t capsize. Maybe that’s why it’s called the CAPSA.

Yeah, that doesn’t make any sense. Still, if this is what you want for your S6, it is available on the SEIDIO site for about $39.95.

SEIDIO SurfaceSo, as far as the SURFACE Sleek Protection Combo is concerned, it has several layers of protection. There is a hard plastic case for the S6, and then a rubbery case that splits apart and protects the plastic one.

Then there is the cool clip for the belt, and it has a rotating clip so you can view the phone at any angle. By the way, I haven’t brought up the fact that this has some serious velvet lining that I like, and this is on a lot of SEIDIO’s products.

If you wanted to get one of these, feel free to head on over to the SEIDIO site and pay $39.95 for it.

SEIDIO DILEX ProAs for DILEX PRO for the Galaxy Note 5, I can only describe it as the best of the CAPSA and the other DILEX that I reviewed for the iPad Air 2 yesterday not to mention that cool OBEX for the iPhone. I mean, it has the clip thing that you can attach to your belt and such, as well as a case with a stand!

Sure, the DILEX PRO doesn’t have any waterproof protection, but it certainly can withstand a lot of drops. By the way, it also gives your phone a special ergonomic grip.

So if you have yourself a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and want to try this out, head on over to the SEIDIO site and pay $39.95 for it.

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