The Airbar Gives a PC/MacBook touchscreen functionality

Airbar PicI am still terribly upset about missing CES this year, and one of the receivers of the Innovation awards was the AirBar. The AirBar is a product that can turn an ordinary screen into a touchscreen.

I know what you’re saying: aren’t all screens touchscreens? Yeah, you would think that, or at least I would. I mean, I just started a job where we have these somewhat old looking mobile devices, and they have touchscreens.

Anyway, with the Airbar, you do all the gestures that you can do on a touchscreen. You know, like the pinch, swipe, zoom, and scrolling. What is interesting is how you can do things that you normally can’t on a touchscreen smartphone or tablet. For example, if you have gloves on, you can totally use it. Also, if you have a brush or stylus, it works!

What is great is how easily that it installs, at least for the MacBook 15.6 inch version. Seriously, the Airbar sesnor just kind of plugs in there.

You should be able to purchase the AirBar on the main website for $69.

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