The NomadKey, NomadClip, and NomadPlus from…Nomad!

NomadKeyI had a chance to try out three Nomad products from Nomad which includes the NomadKey, NomadClip, and the NomadPlus. I’ll go ahead and start with the NomadKey, even though I have done it before with the Nomad ChargeKey.

The ChargeKey is essentially a charging cord, but very, very short. It is made of “high-grade polycarbonate from Bayer and a stellar rubber elastomer from Dupont to make it flexible and durable”. It is called the NomadKey because it is a keychain.

Imagine being in a situation where you don’t have a charging cord, but you have your keys and there is a spare USB. And where isn’t there a spare USB these days? Just connect the NomadKey to the USB and then the other end to the mobile device.

You can get the NomadKey on the Nomad site for about $24.95 for the Lightning Cable and $19.95 for the Micro USB.

NomadClipA similar product to the NomadKey is the NomadClip. Yes, you can use it as a keychain, and it is has a USB plug as well as a connector for a micro USB and Lightning connector.

You might ask yourself why would Nomad make a Carabiner out of a charger. Well, some people like Carabiners to hold their keys, so why not make it into a charger? Yes, you just need to do that since there are people that would prefer a longer length of charger, even though it is just a little bit longer.

Of course, you can’t use it for climbing. How do I know that? Because I tried, and I fell…no…it has “not for climbing” engraved on it. If you want the NomadClip you can get it on Nomad site for the Lightning Connector and micro USB for the same price, $39.95.

NomadPlusThe NomadPlus is essentially “a charger for now and for later”. It is a product that I haven’t really seen before.

When I got it, I saw that there was a hole in it and you can plug in the plug-in charger that comes with an Apple product. So when you are charging your iDevice, the NomadPlus is charging as well. Best of all, it saves power within the NomadPlus so you can give your iDevice or any other device that is chargeable via USB.

You should be able to purchase the NomadPlus for about $39.95 on the Nomad site, and it really is a good product. In fact, they are all terrific products and I would recommend them.

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