iRig Voice from IK Multimedia

iRig VoiceI have reviewed plenty of IK Multimedia products before, like the iRig PRO and the iRig HD Guitar Interface. I will have to say that I wasn’t the audience for these products, but the iRig Voice is a microphone for a smartphone or tablet.

Who wouldn’t want an actual microphone for an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or other Android device? I believe that the iRig Voice is targeted to those who love to use their mobile device as some sort of portable vocal studio, or anyone who just likes to do karaoke. The microphone plugs into the regular 3mm jack, and you can even plug in another headphone into that.

So how good is the mic? Well, it is optimized for vocal frequency range reproduction, and utilizes a compact cardiod parttern for close voice pickup which minimizes feedback when use diwht speaker systems. Yes, I did pick that up from the company website, because I’m not a true audiophile and just know “sound sounds good”.

If you want to get the iRig Voice, it is available in 5 colors of Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink or White for a price of $39.99 on the IK Multimedia site. The EZ Voice compatible app is free, but the professional effects will cost extra.

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