Our Review of the Mini LifeJacket 2

mini-lifejacket_blue_topWell, it has been a year since I reviewed any product from Altec Lansing, with the LifeJacket last year and this year, the Mini LifeJacket 2.

I will have to say that the LifeJacket 2 is a mini Bluetooth speaker that is a worthy mini-version of its predecessor. The Mini Lifejacket 2 is also IP67, which is waterproof/dustproof/shockproof and it floats.

As I have had a chance to try it out, it was quite honestly a big banging sound speaker. It is easily interchangeable with the original LifeJacket. This is after all what you look for with a Bluetooth speaker, and you can also have an onboard microphone for clear, hands-free communication.

If you are interested in more features, it has an Aux In and integrated carbineer. Then there is the Aux In and that threaded hole at the bottom for positioning on a tripod. Speaking of holding, the rubberized border of this Mini Lifejacket 2 makes if feel pretty durable.

If you want this kind of tech, feel free to head to the Altec Lansing site and pay $99.99 for the Mini Lifejacket 2.

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