Secur Products Part 2: Bluetooth Flashlight and PowerBank

Secur SP-5003_product_aOnce again, we are here to review another Secur product, and this one is the Bluetooth Flashlight and Powerbank, otherwise known as the SP-5003. In case you are wondering, this product just just about everything.

For example, if you need a light, it has it, and it is quite bright. It takes about 5 hours to charge, and the part that is the bulb just pops right off. Why would it do that? Well, if you connect a USB cable to it, you can charge a device. You will have to turn the flashlight on, and the reason why I say that is because I couldn’t get it to work until I did that.

Yes, when you pop off the bulb, there is a USB port there, and you can put on a speaker that is identical to the other side of the flashlight. The speaker is a 3 Watt job that syncs with a device to play some music and it plays 28 hours worth of it on a full charge.

So, it is a flashlight, mobile battery, speaker, and it is also a Bike Mount Bracket. Yep, it has a thing to put it on a bike, so now you have a light, and a speaker too. Not bad.

Okay, that is understating it. To say this product is “not bad” is wrong, because this product is absolutely great. It is available on the Secur site for $49.99.

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