Second Coming of Google Glass Coming Soon?

Google Glass 2Remember Google Glass? Yeah, we thought that was the future, didn’t we? I think that idea just kind of faded, but I think we all know that someday we will all have one of these smartgoggles just like we all have mobile phones, most of us.

Yeah, good ideas just don’t die, and this Google Glass version 2 is no exception. In fact, it would appear that the CEO of Italian eyewear maker Luxottica says that the next generation of the Glass will be soon. Yes, this is Luxottica company that made Oakley and Ray-Ban is going to make the second version of Google Glass.

So, what will the next version of Google Glass look like? I would like to think it would look cool and not well…nerdy like the first version. There, I said it. Yes, let’s see how this one goes.


You just can’t wear Google Glass at this Seattle Restaurant

Google GlassI have often talked about Google Glass before, as it is a device that will probably change everything. After all, people are on their smartphones constantly, why not strap them to your face?

I believe that certain laws will be made so that Google Glass users will not be able to drive. This really isn’t any surprise to me. What really shocked me was hearing news that a restaurant patron was asked to leave because he wore a Google Glass.

The restaurant was known as Lost Lake Cafe and Lounge, and the patron was Nick Starr. The owner of the restaurant, David Meinert, has banned Google Glass in their other restaurant as well. Worse yet, this owner has posted on his Facebook page this message: “And if we ask you to leave, for God’s sake, don’t start yelling about your “rights”. Just shut up and get out before you make things worse”.

This seems like a lot of hullabaloo. I can’t imagine that there would be so much issue over this Google Glass. After all, the menu of Lost Lake encourages sharing via Twitter. Why in the world would you not want a Glass user taking shots of this.


New game for the Google Glass called PSYCLOPs

I think we all know that Google Glass is probably going to be the future, if it ever gets to the point where an average consumer could afford it. Yes, I really wish I could, so I could play PSYCLOPs.

You can watch the video so you can see the PSYCLOPs in action. This augmented reality game is ported on a Kindle, because I can assume that a video of the AR glasses would not show up well on YouTube.

According to the narrator of this vid, the game is a cross between Missile Command and Space Invaders. Apparently, the user can shoot ships by looking at them, and you can look at them and lock on.

I hope that this game comes to other Android platforms, as I have stated before, I can’t afford a Google Glass.


Google Glass might be able to open your garage door, but you might not be able to wear it behind the wheel

google-glass-patentI know that I am all excited about Google Glass, and I have just that a new patent filing is showing that this head-mounted viewing system might be used to control objects.

Just imagine being able to look at an object, select it on Google Glass, and take it over. Think copy machine, coffee maker, alarm system, television, refrigerator, or garage door.

Of course, it won’t work on the garage door as you drive up. Apparently, some bill in West Virginia has been proposed that will make it “illegal to drive while using a wearable computer with heat mounted display”. Yes, Google Glass apparently prompted this bill.

Considering that one cannot use items like an iPod or smartphone behind the wheel, I am not too surprised that someone is proposing the idea of not wearing Google Glass in the driver’s seat. Although it would come in handy for getting directions, I can totally see how some people might misuse Google Glass, very easily. Do you really want the next accident to happen because some idiot was watching a video on his or her Google Glass?

I mean, I can totally see Google Glass being used on say, a date. In fact, someone else has. I have that video after the jump.

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