Why We Are Leaving the Church and Christianity, but still love God and Jesus

My wife and I have been going to the same church for over twenty years, and we have both decided that it is time to leave. This is a decision that isn’t an easy one to make, but we believe it is time to separate ourselves from what we feel to be toxicity in much of modern-day Christianity that inhabits many churches-particularly, the Evangelical brand.

Please understand that we are not leaving church/Christianity because we believe that God is not real or that the bible is a sham. We still love God and Christ, but there are some things wrong with modern-day Christianity that we do not want to be associated with.

I do want to make it abundantly clear that we are very grateful for the church that we belonged to. Our church was there for us at very important times in our lives. We met and fell in love there. We got married there, and all three of our children were dedicated there. We once had a very bad car accident in 2012 and their support helped us get home and recuperating through this hardship. There was also a time when my best friend passed away and our church was willing to cover the cost of flying me to his funeral.

We don’t expect that people will understand why we are making this decision, but here are a few of the reasons:

1) We are breaking away from the Christian culture of today.

Many churches have a way of making a certain type of person who is often positive, but fails to address negative things. As a result, authority figures are respected a bit too much, and followers are only encouraged to follow what the church crowd is doing. It is very clear that Donald Trump was able to use Christian culture to get into office, and has convinced the Religious Right that he is God’s president- even though the Fruits of the Spirit- past and present- are lacking.

2) The “Added Gospel Parts” is not something we can get behind

The idea of “saying the prayer and receiving Jesus into your heart” is actually a very new concept. You do not see Jesus practicing this type of mechanized message, but rather living by an example. Therefore, the idea of churches having evangelism programs to create converts feels like Christians trying too hard to emulate the gospel, and end up pushing people away. Speaking of trying too hard, my wife and I have noticed a shift of worship services using too much flash with their loud music, flashing lights, which seems like they are trying to create a rock concert for the followers rather than something for God.

3) The LGBTQ community has the right to marry and they should be accepted- not just tolerated.

We have learned a lot from the LGBT Christians who we personally know, and one thing is that they are simply made that way. We cannot ask them to switch the gender that they are attracted to, any more than a heterosexual can stop choosing to be attracted to the opposite sex, but we can accept them as they value their commitment of love and marriage. We do not agree with Christians who want to take away the rights granted by the laws in our country for them to enjoy the same privilege that we have.

About twenty-seven years ago, I thought that the solution to the world’s problems was just more Christianity. While I certainly don’t think that Christianity is the cause of more problems, it may be doing more harm than good with its “solution”. This isn’t what Jesus of the bible would have wanted, and this is why my family and I need to take our leave before it gets worse.

The last thing that I want to say is that my wife and I have seen what sometimes happens when people have left the church in the past. We don’t want the awkwardness that is probably inevitable to remain every time we see each other. We want our friends to know that we still care about you, so please don’t shy away. Still, this is something that we need to do.

Please Allow Me to Re-Introduce…Ourselves

Geek Church LogoIn 2009, I started this blog of The Geek Church. At the time, I had a few years of experience writing for tech and gadget blogs such as gadgets-weblog.com, mobilewhack.com, screenhead.com, and coolest-gadgets.com. Of these websites, only the last is still publishing articles on a regular basis.

When I first started The Geek Church, this was about five years after the boom of such popular gadget blogs like Gizmodo and Engadget, and there were many looking for news about tech in general. I had no intention of competing with them, but I just wanted to start one on my own.

At first, all I did is write an occasional article and the blog, and daily post links to the articles that I was writing on other tech blogs. I kept doing it for as long as I could in my spare time, and had some fun writing about all kinds of new technology as well as doing tech reviews. I haven’t really had much time to do that these days.

The original purpose of this blog was to combine my Christian values with technology. I felt that modern-day Christians were not as tech-savvy as they can be, and this was hurting them. I’ve seen changes in the past ten years, but I’ve become disappointed with the church for years, and my next article is going to focus on that.

Some of you might have noticed that we have made a few changes to this site. Not only have I changed the aesthetic look, but there will be other changes going on. When I started this site, I came up with the name of The Geek Church because I was looking for a catchy name, but I think it is about time that this becomes a true church for geeks, but I will cover that in the next article.

The new Geek Church is going to focus not just on tech, but I’m going to talk about issues of faith and technology, as well as other current issues not related to them.

Our visit to PAC CON 2015 in Pullman, Washington!

Okay, we had a terrific chance to visit a big convention this weekend with PAC CON 2015, in Pullman, Washington. It was pretty close, but man, was there some good cosplay.

There was a lot to see there, and I took a lot of pictures of some of the best cosplay that I saw. You’ll have to hit the jump to see what I mean, as this would take up way too much space. Sometimes the light wasn’t all that good, so sorry if that is you.

I’m really sorry for the blurry one. You’ll know it when you see it.

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Big Tech News Events of 2014

It would appear that this is the year of the hack with “The Interview” movie probably becoming bigger than it should be with Sony getting hacked. Then there was “The Snappening” and “The Fappening”.

Had a good holiday? Well, Amazon was ready with their Kiva robots. Amazon is also doing this Echo thing, a Siri for your home. Amazon also unveiled the Fire Phone with some 3D action as well as the Fire TV.

Well, I believe that the Internet wasn’t broken, but it wasn’t by Kim Kardashian.

I keep finding ways that apps are replacing jobs. Like how a smartphone might open your hotel room door, and Uber and Lyft are stealing cab business in San Francisco. Also, I saw this story about how Twitter is affecting the Airline industry.

Virgin Galactic had a Crash that will probably affect the Space Tourism Industry.

Then there was some business acquisitions. Like how Lenovo purchased Motorola from Google. Also, Microsoft purchased Minecraft maker Mojang. And Amazon acquired Twitch. I almost forgot that Facebook bought the Oculus Rift.

Here was a terrible video game called Hatred, and you’ll get my view of it here. I also had an issue with this “Girl is trying too hard to take a selfie”.

This looks like the year for VR with stuff like the Oculus Rift, the Archos VR Headset, Sony has the Project Morpheus, the Carl Zeiss VR One Virtual Reality Headset, and then there is a Kickstarter project called Dexmo Exoskeleton.

I’m just going to declare that Guardians of the Galaxy is the best film of the year, speculative fiction wise.

This seems to be the year of the hoverboard. The Hendo one looks legit. This Huvr is not so.

There was a slew of new smartphones like the Galaxy Mega 2, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the Sharp Aquos, the Galaxy Alpha, Nokia phones, the Galaxy S5, the Moto E from Motorola, and of course, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Then there was tablets like the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 and the Surface Pro 3.

Android announced Lollipop as well as other Android stuff like Nexus 6 and Nexus 9.

The President announced that he is working on Iron Man. I haven’t seen anything more with that, yet.

In addition to some new gadgets, old successful ones became passe. The iPod Classic said good-bye. Also, Windows XP said goodbye. Also Music Hero downloads wrapped up an Age of Music. Oh, and Flappy Bird said so long too, even though there is so many imitators.

There was a report about iPhone 6 bending. But that wasn’t quite accurate.

There were a lot of crowdfunded products out there like the Coolest Cooler.

We attended some conventions this year like PAX Prime 2014, JetCon, and CES 2014. Didn’t make it to E3 2014, though.

I had two Look Up videos: One from I don’t know where, and another from Sesame Street.

On a personal note, I released two books: The Labyrinth House and LEGO Mindstorms EV3. Oh, I also write for Smartwatch Reviews and The Gospel Herald now. Also, I said that this blog was going to change, and I’m wondering if there will be some serious video posts next year. Hmmm….

All the gadgets that I reviewed this year for 2014!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I will be doing less posts this week. Today, I’ll be talking about all of the gadgets that I did hands-on reviews of this year. It will be about what I thought would be very good.

Here’s a little warning. WordPress has some interesting thing that happens when I put in a hyperlink, so don’t be surprised.

Finally got a chance to review the MOSS EXOFABULATRONIXX 5200, which I saw at CES last January. It is kind of fitting.

There’s Four Aduro Products that I had a chance to review.

Here’s some Otterbox and Defender and Symmetry cases for the iPhone 6.

I had a chance to review two iHome products, the iDL46 and the iBN6.

I had a chance to try out the K-Board from Keith McMillen Instruments.

I had a good chance to try out some Native Union products: The Gripster, MONOCLE, and Key Cable.

I’ve had a chance to review the iRig Pads MIDI Groove Controller.

Here’s a cool product for the iPhone 6 Plus: The NuGuard KX Screen Armor from NewerTech.

I had a chance to review the Pelican Voyager for iPhone 6 and the Protector for the iPhone 6 Plus.

I might as well bring up the Original Piggy Back Cellphone Stand.

In reviewing SteelSeries, I had a chance to try out the Siberia V3 Prism and the Rival Optical Mouse.

For a video review, I had a chance to review the Threadsmith Hydrophobic Nanotechnology.

Here’s a cool mobile battery known as the Cygnett ChargeUp 11000 mAh Pro Powerbank.

Here’s a Stelle Audio Mini-Clutch Speaker. It is quite good.

See Clear-Coat products with some Full Body Skins.

Check out the iGrill Mini from iDevices.

There is a Hard Rubber case for the iPhone 6 by SKECH.

Had a chance to review the Jstyle Leather Wallet Case for the iPhone 6 Plus from the iLuv. It is easily the best iPhone 6 Plus case of the year.

Nothing I like more than some HiFiMAN products, and here is the RE300a InLine Control Earphones.

I’m also happy to review ZAGG products, such as the Slim Book Ultra-Slim Tablet Keyboard and Detachable Case.

There was also a good chance for me to review the Philips Norelco Click and Style.

Here’s some Marblue Reviews that I have with Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Just click the links if you want to see what they were.

Here’s the Olloclip for the iPhone 6, as well as the iPhone 6 Plus.

I also had a chance to try out some Wallet Cases from jimmyCASE. They are not bad.

Speaking of cases, I had a chance to try out a few HEX ones for the iPhone 6 Plus. Check it out here.

I also had a chance to try out the Life n Soul MT 101 Bluetooth Earbuds. I also had the same chance to review the Knomo Mini Portable Organizer for 8-inch tablets.

Here’s a good product for GoPro called the Steadicam Curve from Tiffen.

Here’s a pretty interesting mobile battery with the myCharge Energy Shot.

Here’s one cool Bluetooth Speaker that I wrote about with the Life Jacket from Altec Lansing.

This is a good Adonit product with the Jot Touch.

You should know about the EyeFly3D, it is quite cool.

I had a chance to review several Digital Innovations on two occasions. Check out them here with Part 1 and Part 2.

Here’s a cool Bluetooth Speaker with the Dash-A from Soundmatters.

Outdoor Tech had some very cool Bluetooth earbuds with the Orcas Wireless Headphones.

Here’s some cool Cygnett products.

I also had some chances to try out the HEX iPhone 6 cases.

Here’s a good review of VisionTek High Power USB Four Port Charging Hub.

I had a good chance to check out the Jabra Move Wireless headphones. In a related story, I also got a chance to try out the Plantronics RIG SURROUND PC Gaming Headset.

Carson Optical had a product known as HookUpz Universal IS-100 Smartphone Optics Adapter, it is pretty good.

There’s a mobile battery known as the Charge from Thinium, here’s a review.

Check out this HUB IT Sync and Charging Station from Eggtronic.

You should check out the HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset from Kingston.

There is an interesting product called the Une Bobine.

I mentioned the OlloClip before, and here it is for the Galaxy S phones.

I had a chance to review the Skech Crystal cover for the iPhone 6. I also had a chance to review another SKECH product known as the Polo Book.

Here’s a product I reviewed for the LifeCHARGE InAir Battery Case with Wirless Charging for the iPhone 5/5S.

Looking for a speaker? Check out the X-mini MAX Capsule Speakers and the X-Mini We Thumbsize Bluetooth Speaker.

I had a chance to try out the Speck Candyshell Inked Cases, Amped Cases, and DuraFolio Case for the iPad Air.

I also had a chance to try out the TimeShaker Micro from iLuv.

What a geeky opportunity that I had to try out the Star Wars First Editon STREET by 50.

Then there was the TYLT SYNCABLE-DUO for Lightning and Micro-USB devices.

This is the iKlip Xpand Mini from IK Multimedia.

Here’s some new products from VidaDoo. See it at Part 1 and Part 2.

I had a great chance to review some Arkon Products.

You can check out the Henge Docks Gravitas iPhone and iPad Stand and Vertical Docking Station for the MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

Here’s the Olloclip 4-in-1 iPad Photo Lens.

Another interesting product is the Tablift, a good way to mount the tablet.

Oh, and I just had a chance to review the Samsung Galaxy S5. It was good, and I’m still usin’ it.

I had a chance to review the Slingbox M1, and it is quite good.

This year, I reviewed several IK Multimedia products, like the iRig Voice.

Here’s another Bluetooth Speaker with the Jam Rewind Wireless Pocket Speaker.

One thing that is terrific about my job is I get to review some interesting products, such as the Vision Protective Shield from Konnet Care.

I had a chance to review two simplehuman products: The Sensor Mirror and the Rechargeable Sensor Pump.

Here’s the Tech Armor Samsung Galaxy S5 FlexProtect Case and HD Clear Screen Protector and the Tech Armor iPhone 5 Case.

One great product that I loved reviewing is the Fugoo Sport Bluetooth Speaker.

This is another fine charging product: the LifeCHARGE ZEAL Extended Battery Case for the Apple iPhone 5C.

This is the TYLT ENERGI Sliding Power Case made for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

I also had a chance to review the ZAGG Rugged Folio Keyboard.

Then there is the cool Kinivo BTC455 Bluetooth Car Kit with Multipoint.

This product is worthy of trying out, the Darbee Darblet DVP-5000 HDMI Video Processor.

I enjoyed the Phonesuit Flex XT Pocket Charger for the iPhone.

Then there is the WakaWaka Power a solar-powered light.

I got a chance to try out a cool Bluetooth Speaker with the Sound Spot from Soundfreaq.

I had a chance to check out several Element Case products.

Then I had a chance to try out the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC70 QuietPoint headphones. Also had a chance to review these cool Tonino Lamborghini Quantum EL-01 headphones.

Again, I got to review two Otterbox products with the Preserver and Symmetry Series for the Galaxy S5.

I was glad to review this toy with the Heliquad 2.4 remote-controlled quadcopter from Interactive Toy Concepts.

Outdoor Tech has some cool things with the Kodiak 6000mA USB Power Bank.

Then I had the chance from 120 Watt Cup Inverter from Energizer.

Soundmatters put out a good speaker with the FoxL DASH7.

I was pleased with the Lite S Android Phone from CellAllure.

There are some pretty good products from Turtleback Leather and Nylon products.

This is my review of the Fluance Fi30, and excellent speaker.

I like the Inspire Vivid Sport Earphones from yurbuds, they are always good.

Again, there are two HiFiMAN products like the HM-700 Portable Player and RE-600 Songbird In-ear Monitor.

Then we have the Ventev products, as well as two iWalk products.

This was a Kickstarter project known as the PUC.

Then I had a chance to review some iB85 Wireless Headphones from iHome as well as the iDL46 Docking Station and the iBT65 Wireless Rechargeable Speaker.

I’m always pleased to try out the Nyko Charge Base for the PS4.

Then there is the Klick Universal Tablet Desk Stand from the Joy Factory.

I reviewed a lot of T-Tech products like the Snap-on iPhone case, the Universal Bluetooth Travel Keyboard, Wireless Mini BlueScan Mouse, Driver Series Earset, and Laser Presentation Remote.

In reviewing TYLT products, I had a chance with the TYLT Alin and Energi + Backpack.

I also got to review some Zimri products you can read about here.

This Soundbook X3 from Bayan Audio sounds very good.

I had a great chance to review the Plantronics RIG Headset and Mixer.

Had a good hands-on with the Stanley True Laser Measure TLM65.

I also tried out the Anker TC930 Bluetooth Keyboard Cover.

It took me a while to review it, but I did the LUNA mini from Foreo.

I’m pretty certain that I reviewed the Drift Light Smart Bulb. Yeah, I’m losing track.

I had a chance to try out two CM4 products, the Q Card case for the iPhone 5/5S and the one for the Galaxy S5.

Here’s something cool with the Mionix NASH 20 Gaming Headphones.

I was able to review the Epson LabelWorks LW-600P, a portable label printer.

I’ve had a good opportunity to review the T 51 i Headphones from Beyerdynamic.

Here’s The Rollick by iLuv, and I also had a chance to review the Jabra Rox Wireless.

Then there is the Able Planet NC2000BCM Headphones.

I had a chance to try out the ChargeHub from Limitless Innovations and the Divoom Voombox.

Then there is the iRig HD Guitar Interface from IK Multimedia as well as the iRig PRO.

There is the NuGuard KX Kinetic Energy X-orbing Case and Screen Armor from NewerTech.

Kanex sent me two product to review with the simpleDock and the Multi-Sync Keyboard.

D-Link makers of the Outdoor HD Wireless Network Cloud Camera and D-Link Wi-Fi Baby Camera that I reviewed.

Here’s the Cypher, from Kicker.

I reviewed Keith McMillen Instruments twice this year, and the first time was with the QuNexus.

Had a chance to try out the Stick N Find.

This is the DT4G 5-Band SmarTech III by Wilson Electronics.

Then there is the Neet Sleeve that is an Authentic Apple Lightning Cable.

Here’s the Perfect Choice Canvas 15-inch Laptop and Tablet Briefcase.

Audio-Technica has some cool products like the ATH-AX5iS Sonic Fuel Over-ear headphones.

You got to like the PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case for the iPhone 5/5S.

Then there is the BackBeat GO 2 from PLantronics.

I’ve got to like the Sound Pockets iPhone case.

It should be known that I liked the Levo Essential Tablet and eReader Floor Stand.

There is a decent product here called the Techsling that you should check out.

I also liked the Griffin Merchant Case and Square Reader for the iPhone 5.

Here’s my review of the Steelie Pedestal Kit from Nite Ize.

Here are some reviews of Pelican products for tablets.

And here is a review of the Oontz Curve by Cambridge Soundworks.

Here is a review of the Privates Wireless Headphones by Outdoor Tech as well as the Safe5 iPhone 5 case.

Did I mention the Color Cables?

Let me also mention the Innergie LifeHub.

I got to review another iHome project with the iB12 Sport Earbuds.

Then I had the chance to try out the Incipio f99 Hi-fi Stereo Earbuds. Speaking of headphones, here is the Siberia Elite from Steelseries.

Another product from Incipio that I reviewed is the ATLAS ID for the iPhone 5.

I might as well talk about the Magnetyze Mobile Battery and Protective Case.

Then there is the Jot Script Evernote Edition from Adonit.

Beyerdyanmic put out the A 200 p Headphone Sound Supercharger.

EKUSA has the MagCat iPhone 5 case. It’s nice.

I wanted to try out the Boogie Board Sync 9.7 LCD eWriter from Improv Electronics.

I got a chance to try out the Accell Powramid and the GreenGenius.

Cobra Digital allowed me the chance to try out the HD Digital Spy Pen.

Here’s the ShockDrop Case for the iPhone 5 and the Neon Bubble Case for the iPad Air from Hard Candy not to mention the Drop Tech Color Case.

I usually review a Blue Microphone product each year, and this time, it is the Nessie.

I forgot that I reviewed this NewPotato Technologies foosball table for the iPad.

Did I review the Jabra Sport Wireless? Well, I did.

Then there is that Nuevue case.

I also tested out the Leef Bridge 3.0.

I reviewed the SleepPhones and the RunPhones.

I got a chance to review the Able Planet True Fidelity NC210SCS headphones.

I also reviewed this Luxi incident light meter attachment for the iPhone 5 and the Halo Galaxy S 4 Power Case from Lenmar.

Then I finally had a chance to review the Generation CQ iDevice products.

I also reviewed the Jabra Solemate Mini.

I reviewed the Audio-Technica ATH-CKX5iS Sonic Fuel.

Okay, I am very tired. Here is what I reviewed last year, by the way.

How the blog is going to change

Okay, I’m not going to lie to you. This blog makes me little money. About five years ago, I started this blog, thinking that I might make some money off this. It has, but in all honesty, not the way that I intended.

The truth is I wanted to create a blog that would be a cross between my two favorite things: Christianity and technology. I wasn’t certain whether or not anyone had really done that, but I thought I was going to do it with a very interesting intersection.

Tech blogging started getting big at the beginning of the last decade. It is not surprising since the beginning of the mobile phone revolution as well as the rise of other smartphone technology that we literally can’t live without today. This market for tech blogging has been waning. I see most opportunities for tech and gadget review bloggers being volunteer with no pay.

The biggest problem that I have with blogging is that it is a very temporal career. A single post might be old news after a few hours, and will be almost completely obsolete after a year. I think the whole point of doing anything in life is so it will last, but when you do blogging, your news just won’t last, man. In fact, I had a problem a while ago where I thought I had lost my entire blog. It was a server problem, and a good friend of mine helped me to recover the lost info. I still haven’t restored a few years worth of blog posts, and I’m guessing that not a lot of you noticed.

Over the years, this blog has sort of become a typical tech blog, where I just write about stuff that I can review, not to mention anything that I can Source from other tech blogs. There is nothing wrong with that, the problem is that it is stagnant work, and I am wanting to do more.

I believe that there is a lot that I can do for the world of tech. I’ve devoted the past seven years of my life following it closely, and I have a lot of knowledge to impart. However, I want to do more than just share knowledge, as I truly want to give wisdom.

I am moving into tech consulting now. I will be meeting with tech companies, and I want to share with them where I believe that technology is going. I suppose that is a brief mission statement of what I intend to do.

So what will this mean for this blog? The stories that you will see will have a more timeless quality. I’m not going to simply write about a device without a detailed analysis of its future, and the future of devices like it.

I believe that technology can help us, the problem is that it can’t do it completely. I’m not going to talk about what really can, but technology plays a big role in helping humanity. There are things that you can do with it that couldn’t be done years ago, but it still is not enough.

I’m looking to get more followers on Twitter and Facebook. I would like your help for that if you haven’t followed me there.

Here’s some more news. I have another book coming out this summer entitled The Labyrinth House. I am not certain when, but it will probably be sometime this summer. I am very excited because this is my first work of speculative fiction that I have published. I’m going to have Twitter and Facebook sites devoted to this book, so yeah, I’m going to need followers there too.

I’ll be keeping you guys updated on the book, so be sure to listen up for that one.

Beginning LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 is out!

Lego Mindstorms EV3Okay, I’m sure that you all know that I write Lego books. I have written Practical Lego Technics and Lego Technic Robotics, and I have now written a book on LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3.

Yes, I have written on LEGO MINDSTORMS before, like when I saw them at CES 2014. In case you haven’t figured it out, I wrote a hands-on review of them because I have lived and breathed LEGO MINDSTORMS all through the fall. I was in up to my neck in these specialized bricks, and learning the programming was also challenging.

For some reason, it is temporary out of stock. You can find it on Amazon here for $29.59.

Lessons Learned from CES 2014

20140108_120401The image that you see here is from a presentation from Compass Intelligence, and I really think that it partially summarizes CES. One of the reasons why I like going to this event is so I can see tomorrow’s futures today, and there really is a lot that I saw that demonstrates how much of a sci-fi world we live in today.

While I was in the Press Room on Sunday, I imagined that my younger self from 1984 leapt forward in time. I imagined that my past-self would be overwhelmed by the tech of personal computers and smartphones, but might be disappointed by the lack of flying cars. Still, there is so much out there to be impressed by, but much of it is being imitated.

You can see that almost half of all consumers are interested in buying a Smart Watch, Fitness Monitor, or Digital Glasses. These were devices that I kept seeing imitated. The worst was the Fitness monitor, as there was practically a large percentage of the showfloor dedicated to variations of essentially the same device.

I would have to say that CES 2014 didn’t really give me a revolutionary device. In 2010, I saw Parrot’s AR.Drone for the first time, and loved it. It reminded me why I came to CES every year. You may have noticed that the only thing at CES that I wrote about was the new versions of this product.

Clearly, we need more innovation in our technology, but it feels like we are stuck in a rut. I think I see that change comes, but it happens very slowly. One day, Facebook starts a college, and now everyone is on it. What is the next Facebook? What is the next Apple?

It feels like a lot can happen, but it just kind of isn’t. We really need innovators, not imitators.

2013: A Year in Tech

Well, the year has almost ended, and I thought I would take the time out to talk about what impacted us the most this year. This is not going to be in any particular order, so don’t interpret this as a “Top Ten” list.

No More Woof, simply because it is so very interesting. Perhaps I should nominate it as my crowdfunded project of the year.

It was definitely the year of curved screens. There was that huge television set that Samsung unveiled, not to mention the smartphones of Flex and the GALAXY ROUND. It is clearly leading to an age of unbreakable bendable smartphone displays.

For military technology, check out the Gerald R. Ford. The first drone was launched from an aircraft carrier as well.

I also like the Aeroscraft. Also, Virgin Galactic SS2 makes its first test flight.

Let’s talk tablets. Lenovo had something really good going on with the Lenovo Yoga Tablet. Nokia had the Lumia 2520 Tablet. Then there was the iPad Air and new iPad Mini. Then there is the Kindle Fire HDX.

It was a big year for phablets with the Galaxy Note 3. Nokia also had something interesting with them.

It was also a big year for smartwatches with the Galaxy Gear. The A.I. Smartwatch.

Of course, there are a lot of interesting robot gadgets like the Valkyrie, the Knightscope, the Bionic Man, Boston Dynamics Wildcat, the Mantis hexpod robot, and DARPA’s Atlas.

Oh hey, you can use your mobile phone during takeoff and landing. What’s next? Easier air travel?

This won’t come into play for a little while, but the CEO of Amazon announced flying drones to deliver packages.

Speaking of Amazon, they want to build that Bio-Dome in Seattle, and Google has the mysterious barge.

It was also a big year for Google Glass, and there are imitators sprouting up like the castAR, and more.

I like this 3-D Tactile Feedback screen from Disney Research.

Then there was the Xbox One and PS4. Too bad Nintendo isn’t doing so hot.

Okay, time for the best Speculative Fiction movie. There was a real landmark, but I did like Pacific Rim, R.I.P.D., Oblivion and Catching Fire. Some of the worst disappointments were Elysium and Man of Steel, Star Trek: Into Darkness, and do I need to mention After Earth?

Microsoft buys Nokia! Google buys Boston Dynamics? Draw your own conclusions.

Android finally brought out their KitKat.

Let’s talk about more worse disappointments. I’ll go with the new Yahoo Mail.

Notable smartphones were the G Pro Lite, the Moto X, the Oppo N1, the Droid Maxx, the G2 QuickWindow Case, Samsung Galaxy Ace 3, Galaxy S IV, the Nokia Lumia 1020, and the iPhone 5C and 5S.

That is all for this year. Talk to you next year.

Holiday list for Christmas 2013

Today’s post, and only post for the holidays, will be simply a summary of things you can buy for the holiday. It is made for those last-minute shoppers, or for those who did their shopping too late.

They are in the order of when I reviewed.

For those that want a new phone, Galaxy S Note 3! I like that Galaxy S IV, too. You might want to hold it with an Armpocket i-35 armband. I also reviewed the Sprint Force. I also reviewed the Lumia 920 from Nokia. I also reviewed a wireless charging pillow known as the Fatboy. I also had a chance to try out the Galaxy Tab 2.

Perhaps you are looking for a smartwatch. Yes, I tried out the Galaxy Gear, and I can recommend it, here.

For those who want a Stylus, try out the Nomad Mini 2 and the Virtuoso by Kensington.

Want a camera that can take some time-lapse pictures? Try the Blynk Camera.

Okay, let’s talk iPhone Accessories. I reviewed a lot of them. There is the Olloclip Macro 3-in-1 Photo Lens for the iPhone 5/5S and the 4-in-1 iPhone Lens. For other photo lens for the iPhone, I suggest the Optrix PhotoPro X. Then there is the Solace Au iPhone 5/5S case, in gold. Don’t forget the Alec Wallet and Workmate Utility, also from Cygnett. The Candyshell + FACEPLATE from Speck, and the CandyShell Grip for the iPhone 5C, also by Speck. X-Doria had some good ones for both the iPhone 5 and 5C with the Dash Icon as well as the Rapt, Spots, not to mention the Defense 720 and Scene Plus. Then there is the Toughsuit by Body Glove. Oh, the Lifeproof has the frē for the iPhone 5C as well as for the iPhone 5S. Also check out the Trina Turk and the Loot from M-EDGE. Incipio had some winners with the CODE and LGND and the DualPro SHINE for the iPhone 5C. Then there is the Hydra Series Case from Ballistic. You want to hold that iPhone, I recommend the Nighthawk from Armpocket. Then there is the La Pedrera iPhone 5C Case from iLuv. Oh, and let’s check out the Odoyo Power + Shell EX Rechargeable Battery case. I’ll also suggest the Stashback from Incipio as well as the ATLAS. For some other holder effects, I would like to suggest the Miveu X Kit. For photos, try the Manfrotto KLYP iPhone 5 Flash. Then there is the Brickcase by Smallworks, with Lego compatibility. I also had a chance to try out the Herringbone for the iPhone 5. You can also find the Band-Era iPhone 5 case from Wyers. EK USA made a tough case with the Speak Easy. Then there is the Ampjacket, for turning up the volume on the speaker. Then there is the Quick-‘flip case from Olloclip, once again. Some of the cases for the iPhone are the ArtsCase. I also had some fun with Tech 21’s Impactology Cases and Impact Shields. Griffin also put out a resilient case with the Survivor. Then there is the Rapture Elite, Aero, and Ekon Cases from Cellairis. You might want to try out the Proximo Starter Kit from Kensington. I also reviewed some cool cases from Case-Mate. I also had a chance to try out the Mobio Pivot and Go, and they are worth looking into. The Clear-coat Aurora is also excellent. For waterproofing, try the Slim Waterproof Case by Keystone ECO. Then there is always the Otterbox Armor Series for the iPhone 5. I also tried out the SEIDIO and Active Convert Cases for the iPhone 5. Check out the Axis Wallet for the iPhone 5 by HEX.

So what about iPad Accessories? How about the Kensington KeyFolio Pro for the iPad Air. Then there is the DODOcase Endangered Species case. Then there is the Node and Paradox Texture for the iPad Air by Cygnett. Also, the iPad Air also has the SmartJacket and Engage from X-Doria. Then there is the MirrorCase for the iPad, from RHP Multimedia. I like the Westmore Tablet Cross Body, for pretty much any tablet. There is also the Crayola DigiTools Paint Pack, also for Android Tablets. Then there is the Ultra-Slim Power Case, from Justin Case. Then there is the Universal StealthPro Keyboard Folio from M-EDGE. The SecureBack Case from Kensington to lock the iPad in place. Then there is the Griffin PowerDock 5, for five iPads or other iDevices. Then there is also the Loft Folio and Recliner iPad Cases, not to mention the Tri-Lounge, all from Domeo. Check out the Cosmopolitan iPad Cover by idAmerica. Also check out the Crayola Light Marker from Griffin. For something fine, try the Orion Leather iPad Case from MapiCases. Then there is the MagFolio Luxe by Speck. I was pleased to review two new products from Discovery Bay Games with the Duo Gamer and Duo Pinball. Let us not forget the iSucker.

Oh, if you have the iPad Mini, then you might want to try the HandyShell by Speck. This is good for the iPhone/iPad, but check out the iLaunch Thunder by Dream Cheeky. Then there is the Lifeproof nüüd for it, and it is nice. Then there is also the Printed Lexington Hard Shell Folio Case. Then there is the Recliner Mini Folio from Domeo. Don’t forget the Kensington Hard Shell iPad Keyboard. Then there is the fre for the iPad Mini from Lifeproof. Also, there is the SKECHbook from SKECH.

If you need a case for 7-inch tablets, you might want to try out the Universal Stealth 360 Case from M-EDGE.

I would recommend the HEX Cabana Laptop Tote for some portable action for your laptop.


For the Office, I recommend the Powershred 73Ci paper shredder.

For the Galaxy S III, there is the nüüd from Lifeproof. There’s also the Dri Cat Waterproof case for both Galaxy III and IV. Check out the DiCAPac Waterproof case for these models. Then there is the Otterbox Armor Case. I also reviewed the Kraken A.M.S. Case from Trident.

Oh, if you have a Galaxy S4, another phone I can recommend, here’s some accessories for that. There’s the Lavish Wallet from Cygnett. The Incipio Ghost Charging is also quite good, too. Speaking of the Incipio, check out the Watson Wallet. You also might want to check out the Petite Leather Wallet for the Galaxy S4 from More-Thing. Also, there is the offGRID Backup Battery Case. I also had the chance to try out the CM4 QCard Case. Then there is the Echo and Enforcer cases, from M-EDGE. From Element Cases, there is the Atom S4 and Eclipse S4. Check out the ChargeCard.

Also, this product is Android related, the PlayPad Pro from Nyko. Another good Android related product is the Android Mirror from J5 Create.

Another great gift is the Jak Multishare from bCoda, as well as the Coda One Bluetooth Speaker.

You got to like the Sonic Alert Sonic-Connect 2. See what it does here.

If you are looking for a Phone Cradle, you might want to try the Zyroshell.

I definitely recommend any accessories from Dotz, who I wrote about twice. You can read about them here and here.

One gift you might consider for anyone with a phone is the PortaGrip with a Suction Cup Mount.

If you need a microphone, I would suggest the Spark Digital from Blue Microphones.

Another gift I can recommend is the Epishock “Music Survival Kit”.

Then there is my review of the HoverCam MiNi 5, which I like a lot.

A good speaker is the Aud 5 from iLuv. Check it out here.

If you are looking for something interesting, may I suggest the Blueflame Bluetooth Wireless Music Receiver?

Chargers make great gifts, and I had a chance to review the Solar Porter 12 from Digital Foci as well as the 5200 and 8000. Also check out the Powerocks Magicstick 2800 mAh Chargepack. EnerPlex also gave me some nice things to try out like the Kickr IV, the Jumpr 4400, and the EnerPlex Surfr.

For a scanner, you might want to try out the SimpleScan SP Simplex.

You might want to try out the Honestech nScreen Deluxe for connecting the computer to the TV.

The Wilson Sleek 4G is made to boost your signal.

Need headphones? Or earbuds? I liked the Able Planet NC550BC Sound Clarity Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones and the True Fidelity Wireless Infrared Headphone with Transmitter. Also, the Soundcheck Headphones by Cygnett are also quite cool as well. You might want to check out the EPIC Earbuds by JLab. I had a chance to check out the Audio-Technica SonicSport, the Audio Technica ATH-WS77 Solid Bass Headphones, the ATH-CP700 SonicSport headphones, and QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling In-Ear Headphones. One of my favorites is the Aftershokz Bluez. As far as the cheap ones go, I would suggest the DJZ Neon headphones. Check out the Audiofly AF56m Premium In-Ear Headphones with mic, too. Check out the Incipio F38 Headphones as well, of a low price. Then there is the Yurbuds Signature Series Sport Earphones. Then there is the REVO, from Jabra, the Wireless and non-Wireless versions. Check out the Wooden Earbuds and Headphones from Tribeca. You might want to try out the Jabra Vox Earbuds. Then there is the Zoro Fashion Hi-Fi headphone from Cellairis. I-MEGO also had the Throne headphones. Also, check out the VFree On Ear Bluetooth headphones from Velodyne. Then there was the Spider PowerForce. Then there is the AR 808 Headphones from Acoustic Research. Then there is the Munitio NINES.

If you want some gaming headphones, try out the 3HV2 and 5HV3 Gaming Headphones from SteelSeries. I also tried out the Free, the SteelSeries Sensei MLG Edition, and the Apex Gaming Keyboard. I also had a chance to try out some ROCCAT gaming products with the Kone Pure Gaming Mouse.

Want a Bluetooth speaker? Check out the iLuv MobiOut and iLuv Mobicup. Also check out the Braven 570. I also tried out the IUI Design’s Mirror Boombox. I also tried out the RockSteady XS. Then there is also the Multifunction Bluetooth Speaker from Spider. Then there is also the Portable Wireless Speaker from Acoustic Research. Then there is the OontZ. Also, I don’t want to forget the X-Mini KAI Capsule.

For a keyboard, try the myKeyO 6-in-1 Computer Keyboard with Restt Technology.

Go old school with the newKUBE MP3 player.

I had a chance to try out the D-Link Wireless Range Extender DAP-1320 and the AC1750 Dual Band Gigabit Cloud Router. A similar product is the zBoost Metro Cell Booster.

I also had a chance to try out a bunch of TYLT products, like the Energi Sliding Power Case. You should also check out the Capio and the Vu Wireless Charger. I also had a chance to try out the Tunz.

Check out the Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen from Livescribe.

I have also had a chance to check out some Eagle products like the Portable Battery Pack, Foldable Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth Speaker System, and Bluetooth keyboard with speakerphone.

If you want some interesting device, check out the Epic from the Celluon Store.

Then there is the Jabra, with the Classic Bluetooth headset. Other Bluetooth devices that I have tried include the Blue-Wi Nighthawk Bluetooth Lapel Microphone. I also tried out the BlueAnt Q3 as well as the Endure. I don’t want to forget the Marque 2.

Always a beautiful gift is the Sphero 2.0.

I also highly recommend the Sensia 200D Connect from Pure.

Anyone who golfs will appreciate the SwingTIP.

I had a chance to try out the Wi-Drive+ MobileLite from Kingston. Read about that here.

You might want to try out the MINIKIT Neo by Parrot.

For a lady on the list, may I suggest the Finders Key Purse Phone Pouch? It does solve a problem. You might also want to look into the Large Rolling bag from Jill-E Designs, the Laptop Career Bag, and the Jack Metro Tablet Bag.

One great eco-friendly gift is the Clipray Crank-powered flashlight.

I found a cool smartphone case with Toast.

TopCor has some cool products with the TopCor Sport Armband and Tech Wallet. I also tried out the HuMn Wallet.

If you need a new camera for the house for surveillance or baby monitoring purposes, try out the SwannEye HD Pan and Tilt All-in-One Network camera. I also recommend the Dropcam Pro or just the Dropcam HD.

I also had a chance to review two great Joby products, the GorillaPod Action Tripod and the Action Clamp + Gorilla Arm.

I’m not certain what category this falls into, but if you need something at the door to see who is there, check out the Swann Doorphone Video Intercom.

Want Toys? I got to review them, too. Check out the Transformers Construct-Bots and Angry Birds Star Wars toys. I also finally had a chance to review the Sifteo Cubes. Then there is the LeapReader Reading and Writing System. Then there is the awesome Lego Mindstorms EV3, which I will have a book out next year. For board games, check out the Kickshot. I also had the chance to try out the Lite Brix Laser Copter.

As for the gamer, I highly recommend the Razer Orbweaver.

Oh, yeah, this is good microwave oven: The Oster 0.9 Cubic Foot Compact Microwave.

I would like to suggest a great gift, the Monitor2Go from MMT. Just read about it.

Then there is the TuneBelt, made for all kinds of mobile devices.

I would also like to recommend the Intuos Pro from Wacom, based on its coolness factor alone.

Also a great gift is the ChromaLuxe cases, made to personalize all kinds of smartphones and tablets.

If you want to get an entirely new computer, check out the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S Convertible Ultrabook.

Want power tools? Try the Black and Decker Platinum 20V Max Drill/Driver and Snakelight. Then there is the Gyro Rechargeable Screwdriver.

Need something educational? How about the Casio PRIZM fx-CG10 graphing calculator and the FX-9860GII Graphing Calculator.

You want a camera? Try the Polaroid XS80 1080p HD Action Video Camera. You also might want to consider the ATC Chameleon by Oregon Scientific.

If you have a DSLR type camera, I recommend the Lowepro Transit Sling 250AW.

I also had a chance to check out some Mobee products like the Magic Feet and Magic Numpad. I also reviewed the Magic Juice and Magic Charger. On a somewhat related note, I had a chance to try out some J5Create with the JUE130, JUA210, and JUA310. I also reviewed the Ultra STation JUD500 and Wormhole USB Transfer Cable JUC400.

I had some action with Beyerdynamic with the A20 Premium Headphone Amplifier and the T 51 p headphones.

For miscellaneous, try the Magnet 3.0 USB Drive from Leef Technology. Every one needs a USB Drive now and then.

Know someone who wants to get into shape? Get them the Sync Burn from Sportline.

Okay, this is all the products that I had the pleasure of reviewing this year. I look forward to reviewing even more.

That’s all until the holidays. See you on the 26th.