The CDR 825 (825E) Drive HD Dash Cam from Cobra Electronics

CDR 825EConsidering that cameras are just about everywhere to keep us accountable and hopefully not to begin a Big Brother society. I figure that most people might want a car on their dashboard to record the road, because you might get in an accident and you could use the footage. This is what the CDR 825E from Cobra Electronics is made for.

The CDR 825E has an extra wide 140 degree viewing angle that gives a great view of the road. It is a camera that you can connect with to a dash lighter outlet, so it will be charged.

So can you get 1080p footage? Oh yes. not only that, there is a G-Sensor which can sense some sudden acceleration and collisions that allow the camera in order to automatically capture and protect critical footage before, during, and immediately following the accident.

The CDR 825E can be mounted with a sticky mount and then it clips to that. Once you start driving, the footage records to an 8 GB card, which it also comes with. By the way, as soon as you stop driving, you can watch the video with a 2.7-inch LCD screen.

If you want this camera, it is available on the Cobra Electronics site for about $139.95. It is interesting that the unit that I reviewed had only CDR 825, but the only that I could find had a label of CDR 825E.

Post Modern Skateboard is a new way to thrash

Post Modern SkateboardI remember a friend of mine told me that the term “Post Modern” doesn’t really make sense. In fact, to apply the term “modernism” implies that this is the last art movement period, or it is going to look pretty stupid that we called it that in the future. Yet by saying “Post Modern” implies that we are now living in the future, or something.

Still, this doesn’t mean that we can’t use that Post Modern term to describe something, like this Post Modern Skateboard. As you can see, the plank is absent, exchanged for these wheels that fit on the feet.

Assuming that you can keep your balance on these, the two platforms work on by leaning. Not only can you go forward, but leaning back causes braking. I am also told that they can travel on grass, something that was the bane of skateboarders in times past.

Yeah, these look pretty good, and I will have to say that I would love to see how these work on half-pipes. Someone needs to spend $99.95 and gift these to Tony Hawk.


Aero-X hoverbike from Aerofex

hoverbikeOkay, who wants a hovering bike? Everyone in the entire world should have their hand raised. Surely all of us have longed for the days of personal hovering technology since before the first Star Wars movie.

Just to let you know, this isn’t some concept vehicle that I often report on. This Aero-X by Aerofex (don’t get those mixed up) is real, and it could be around as soon as 2017. Yep, you can even put down $5,000 for it, or wait and buy it for $85,000.

This hoverbike can apparently reach speeds up to 44 miles per hour, and can float up to 12 feet off of the ground. It can hold up to two passengers, and doesn’t need any solid ground. I’m going to assume that it can go on water. Just to let you know, there is a computer that controls the gyroscopes and accelerometer so it doesn’t fly off the handle.

Now I don’t know if this will change transportation. Remember when we thought the Segway would change everything, and only certain people use them? Maybe the hoverbike will be the same way. I’m going to go back to this in 2018.


First Flying Bicycle, now available on Hammacher Schlemmer

Flying bikeI believe that man has been attempting to imitate the birds for years. First with the hot air balloon, then the airplane, and now the First Flying Bicycle.

Available on the famed Hammacher Schlemmer catalog, it is sadly not one where you pump the pedals and into the air you go. It is actually an ultralight para-trike aircraft, with a para-wing to provide lift. It has “a powerful two-stroke gasoline engine powers the craft’s three-bladed carbon fiber propeller for an airspeed of 25 mph. Designed to cruise at low altitudes (below 4,000′) with a range of approximately 75 miles from a full tank, it can operate from any suitable area of open space”.

This vehicle can fit into the trunk of a car, where you can presumably take it to where you can fly it. I actually was hoping to fly it to where I wanted to go, but hey, I’m guessing that you can’t really do that.

This is a pretty expensive ride at $45,000, available here. I honestly don’t have that amount of money burning a hole in my pocket for this. This does look like it would be fun to try.


Gas mileage: Just give us more already!

efficient carI think we all know that oil reserves are just going to go dry, and it really is just a matter of time. I’m not certain how long our fossil fuels will last, but it is possible to have very large gas mileages.

Apparently, Shell has Eco-marathon Americas competition, which allows student teams to race against each other with energy-efficient vehicles that they build. This particular car was the winner, and it can achieve 2,824 miles per gallon.

That means that you could drive from New York to Los Angeles on one gallon of gas. Believe it or not, this group, Universite Laval wanted to make a vehicle at 3,587 miles per gallon.

Okay, I know that I am just a lone writer here, but why in the world does my car get at most 40 miles to the gallon when this small thing gets 70 times that much? There is a clear disconnect happening somewhere here.

I can’t believe that Shell is sponsoring some contest that could put them out of business. Here’s a prediction: whatever relationship that the oil companies have with the car companies needs to get better. Then cars will have a better gas mileage, and you can pay less for gas. Yeah, it is just a better world all around, isn’t it?


RYNO Cycle is a Segway with one wheel

RYNO ScooterIn case you haven’t realized it, pretty much everything that I have done for the month of January is related to CES and everyone that I talked to afterwards, and this probably won’t change in this year. In other words, I haven’t really been probing my usual tech blogs for source material, but I have been trying more hands-on approaches with tech.

Therefore, I have been for the most part ignoring some cool stuff. For example, this RYNO Cycle, which is essentially a one-wheeled Segway. I am sure that most of you know that I am just itching to try this out, because I just like the idea of a motorized unicycle.

Of course, this RYNO Cycle doesn’t go very fast, just 10 miles an hour. Also, a six-hour charge will only give you 10 miles, so that is about an hour ride.

The price is pretty up there at $5,295. I have no idea what that price is compared to a Segway, but I’m guessing that it slightly measures up.


Swann Quad Starship

Swann copterWell, I seem to have two things that attract me to this subject matter. First, it is from Swann, and I have had the opportunity to review two of their products very recent. The first was the SwannEye HD and the Doorphone Video Intercom. Then there was announcement that Amazon made the other day that drones could be delivering your stuff.

Swann has made this Quad Starship that is essentially a mini quadcopter, and it is similar to the AR.Drone, a popular product from Parrot. These four rotors allow for flips and tumbles, and it can be controlled for 330 feet away with 8 minutes of flying time. The remote takes AA batteries, and it is actually made for outdoor flight.

So will we see this Quad Starship deliver packages in the future? They might have to be lighter. I don’t have a price for it. It is available now for $79.99.


Mobiliant is a car that can literally climb walls

MobilantEvery year, the L.A. Auto Show loves to show off some pretty awesome vehicles, and a lot of them are concept. Most of these concept cars never see the light of a mass-manufacturing, made simply because it can be made.

This is the Mobiliant, which is a winning design by China’s SAIC. It has the ability to literally drive up the wall. Oh yeah. I am seriously having flashbacks to a scene from Batman Forever. Not to mention a lot of old cartoons.

How does the Mobiliant do this? Because it has C.L.A.W.S. (Cilium Layer Advance Wheel System), this nano-scale cilia technology can somehow adapt to any surface and somehow increase its grip on the road. Also, there are special stabilizers in the cockpit to keep it level.

By the way, the Mobiliant is very eco-friendly by converting its greenhouse gases into a fertilizer. My Source says this is good for shedding its fertilizer when parked on the edge of skyscraper.

That’s right, we are looking at an age where cars will be driving on the sides of buildings just like…do I need to say the movie that I am about to reference? Forget it. Here’s a link if you haven’t figured it out yet.


The Toyota FV2 concept car

toyota fv2g_0Toyota has recently unveiled the FV2, and it is one of those concept cars that will hopefully see the light of day. I’m not certain if I should be calling the Toyota FV2 a “car”, but in its defense, it does have four wheels.

I suppose that I could define it as a Segway times two, for its controls are very similar. You have to actually stand at the center and lean in the direction where you want to go, and there is no seat belt or harness to keep you inside.

In addition to that crazy feature, the user is treated to an augmented reality windshield, which can display road and traffic information. This will also show you what is coming around the corner, which involves some serious driving by faith.

Okay, this is pretty crazy, but I wouldn’t mind getting in the driver’s seat, or whatever the driver stands on.


Driverless Podcars coming to England?

podcarsFor a while, Heathrow Airport in London has been using these ULTra PRT transport pod in order to take travelers from place to place. I have never been there, but it seems rather futuristic.

The next step is clearly driverless cars on the road. Apparently, the city of Milton Keynes wants to create a lot of these podcars to transport the 200,000 citizens around. It may be that the city will have these cars in 2015, but by 2017, there could be 100 of these transports.

This should cost about $105 million, and I can’t help but think of the maglev cars from Minority Report. I told you that I can’t help referencing this film.