Mega Man-Pram is the most masculine stroller there ever was

manliest-baby-strollerAs someone who once had to push his progeny with a stroller, I know how non-masculine it looks. This Mega Man-Pram is designed to really be the most masculine stroller that I know of.

This Mega Man-Pram is about 6.5 feet tall, and it comes with hydraulic suspension, 20-inch alloy wheels, all-terrain tires, rear-view mirrors, an anti-stress push-bar grip, high-spec brakes, a high-beam headlight, and brake lights.

The Mega Man-Pram was created by Skoda, and the company apparently surveyed 1,000 British dads to find out what men want when it comes to strollers. Apparently, this is what 76 percent of the fathers wanted to see, and that 33 percent of the dads found to push a stroller to be “embarrassing”. Heck, 25 percent refuse to push the stroller at all, and I wonder how many of these dads would change a diaper?



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