Hands on with the OOMI Starter Kit

One of the many things that I was able to witness at CES was how it seems that everyone wants a “connected home”. It is very apparent that certain homes that are being built in the present are being prepared for the future, so that all of the electronics can be taken control via smartphone/tablet.

I can’t remember at what CES I saw this at, but OOMI was there. This was when they were just getting started, so it must have been a few years ago. They must have truly bloomed, as I had a chance to try out their OOMI Home Lighting Starter Kit.

This thing came with just about everything. It came with a tablet, which at first seemed odd to me. After all, there are lots of tablets available with iPad from Apple, many from Android, and probably a lot of Windows and others that I don’t know about.

Now before I forget later, I’m going to tell you that OOMI does have an app. Granted, it wasn’t rated high on the Android store, but I’m just going to assume that it can do everything that the included tablet can do.

So, the moment that I turned on the tablet, it told me what to do after hooking up to my wireless network. The OOMI tablet told me to plug in the security camera, and said that it would turn green or blue when it was hooked up. Then all I had to do is join a dot on the back of the tablet with the one on the back of the camera. In less than a minute, I was looking at myself on the screen of the tablet.

I honestly don’t know how it could have joined so quickly, so I am going to guess some kind of NFC tech. There was a lot of other quick instructions that the tablet gave, but I’m not certain what I quickly passed over. I did find that it was user-friendly, so much so that I decided to connect one of the smartbulbs and just join its spot with the tablet’s.

Needless to say, I was able to take command of the bulb, provided it was given power. Oh, this is required for set-up as well. so with one touch on the screen, the light is on or off, and from there, I can take control of its color with 12 standby shades. I can even make rainbow or pattern or even random shades to create a very interesting mood of the room.

Then it doesn’t stop there, as there is an OOMI plug, which looks as if it can give you control of an appliance, as well as seeing how much energy is being used.

I’m told that it still doesn’t stop there as you can use other Z-wave appliances as well. I’m going to just guess that OOMI designed this Lighting Starter Kit as a good method for those who want a connected home to have a connected home, without the experience. To that, I say it is a good investment, and it is available for purchase on the OOMI shop for $499.00.

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