My Trip to MomoCon: Part 1

Well, I am at MomoCon, and I did one of my favorite things: Take pictures of all the great cosplayers at MomoCon! I’ve got a bunch here, and I hope that you all got a chance to see yourself. All of you were so friendly, and you worked so hard on your costumes. Please attend my panel at 11:00 PM in Room 404 (GWCC 4) on Friday!

Picture 1Some Japanese Cult Party Kei, I’m told, some Lolita fashion? I am not certain, but it looks lovely.

Picture 2I’ve been seeing a lot of Homestuck characters at these Cons. Clearly, I need to be more “with it”.

Picture 3A little Alice Madness. I could have used the pic with the non-blurry knife, but I think this pic sells it.

Picture 4I don’t know how to pronounce this, but it is from Evangelion. This is Asuka Langley.

Picture 5Assassin’s Creed! Yes!

Picture 6In case you don’t get it at first, it is Smaug.

Picture 7Again, some Lolita street fashion. I’m clearly not “with it”.

Picture 8This one is just a variety.

Picture 9She tells me it’s Sakuga from Touhou. Just go to 2Shades of Geek to see more from her.

Picture 10A Ghostbuster in the world of Fallout 3? Where is that crossover?

PIcture 11What a bunch of Tricksters!

Picture 12Sorry you came out blurry, Raven.

Picture 13One of these is The Batter, and I lost track of the other one.

Picture 14I think this guy said he was Sid Barett. I hope I got that right.

Picture 15Uh…I think I got my names crossed on this one.

Picture 16This is Still Alice.

Picture 17You know here from Game of Thrones, complete with dragon.

Picture 18These characters are from Death Parade.

Picture 19Sailor Pluto!

Picture 20I’m told this is Morgiana from Magi. I feel bad if I botched that one.

Picture 21Alexander Anderson!

Picture 22Three characters, all from Fairy Tail.

Picture 23I probably didn’t get this right, but this is Mallo and a Maid.

Picture 24The stars of Gravity Falls, with an extra Mabel thrown in.

Picture 25The Red Ranger, and he really got into his role, believe you me.

Picture 26Alucard, just spell it backwards already.

Picture 27Another Alice, complete with rabbit.

Picture 28I think I have this mispelled but it is Nyo Netherlands on my notes Adelle Janson. I could and probably am wrong.

Picture 29Check it out, another con is on!

Picture 30Ken and Ryu from Street Fighter, you never get old.

Picture 31Mario Time!

Picture 32These are Aoba Seragaki and Noiz from Dramatical Murder. I’m told this is a gender-swapping one.

PIcture 33Rock Blackrock, so I’m told.

Picture 34I call this one the Doe or Fawn Princess. She gets points for originality.

Picture 35Vega from Street Fighter!

Picture 36Yet another Aruclad! Did you spell his name backwards yet?

Picture 37Fionna from Adventure Time.

Picture 38Not cosplay, but I liked her look.

Picture 39This is Static the Object head and Flareon.

Picture 40Purple Guy from Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Picture 41Hei from Darker than Black along with a traditional Japanese foot soldier.

Picture 42Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6, the comic. TsunMoki is the other, but I’m not certain I spelled that right.

Picture 43Asa Shigure from Shuffle.

Picture 44Kirito from Sao and a female Naruto.

Picture 45Nana Kiomatsu, and I definitely typed that wrong, unless I did. I like the baby.

Picture 46Sailor Moon meets Soul Eater meets Toyko Ghoul. Someone make this anime crossover!

Picture 47Twilight Sparkle, sans wings.

Picture 48Armin from Attack on Titan.

Picture 49Lumpy Space Princess.

Picture 50This isn’t the Nostalgia Critic that I was looking for.

Picture 51Esmeralda and Goofy.

Picture 52Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite.

Picture 53Another Lolita fashion and an original elf. I don’t know what is up with the green.

Picture 54This is the mascot of MomoCon, Blue Steel.

Picture 55Garrus from Mass Effect 2.

Picture 56A Red Priestress from the Game of Thrones.

Picture 57Jinx from League of Legends with Zero from Code Geass.

Picture 58Another con is coming!

Picture 59This guy is a mix of Cloud from Final Fantasy with Tron. He rocks.

Picture 60Another Thor. This time, I didn’t try to pick up his hammer. That joke has been done to death.

Picture 61Trunks.

Picture 62A Hunter from the Destiny game.

Picture 63Even though it reminds me of the sad ending of Alien 3, it still cracks me up!

Picture 64Fluttershy and a new Spider-man.

Picture 65 Got a female Trunks, Rikku from FFX2, a Steampunk Poison Ivy, and…Scissor-runner. That’s an original character, people. She will run with those scissors.

Picture 66Rosie the Riveter and Jasmine. I wish that this one had turned out not so blurry. Sorry, ladies.

Picture 67Matuka Magica, maybe? I really need to know my anime.

Picture 68Gender-swapped Misty with Atri from League of Legends. Only at cons, people!

Picture 69Nanamimi and Saya of Blood +, I think.

Picture 70Lapis Lazuli from Stephen Universe. Need to get around to watching that some day.

Picture 71Don’t feel bad if you didn’t get this at first, it’s Hiccup, from How to Train Your Dragon.

Picture 72Another Homestuck character.

Picture 73Doll from Black Butler.

Picture 74Inuyasha and Kagome, I think I spelled that right.

Picture 75Ririchi yo of Inu and Boku and Kikyo from Inuyasha.

Picture 76One isn’t cosplaying around, and the other is Marilyn Manson. See if you can figure out who is who?

Picture 77Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas.

Picture 78Two more from Tokyo Ghoul.

Picture 79Steampunk women.

Picture 80Mihu Cantarella (Vocloid).

Picture 81Cerys from World of Terkara.

Picture 82Last, but never least, it’s Ms. Marvel!

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