Polaroid Announces WiFi-Enabled Cube+ Action Camera

PolaroidIt seems like Polaroid is always finding new ways to keep their brand alive, even in a world where everyone has a camera on their phone. They did that Polaroid Socialmatic Instant Camera, which looked like the Instagram logo. A while ago they introduced a device called the Cube, to compete with GoPro products.

Now there is a Cube + which is able to boost the Megapixels of the first iteration of the camera from 6 to 8. There is also WiFi inside the camera to connect through an accompanying application, which means that you can control the camera remotely, using the smartphone as a viewfinder. This allows the user to receive photos taken by the camera which they can proceed to edit on their mobile devices.

Now it should be known that the updated Cube + won’t be available until August, for a price of $149.99.


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