The CDR 825 (825E) Drive HD Dash Cam from Cobra Electronics

CDR 825EConsidering that cameras are just about everywhere to keep us accountable and hopefully not to begin a Big Brother society. I figure that most people might want a car on their dashboard to record the road, because you might get in an accident and you could use the footage. This is what the CDR 825E from Cobra Electronics is made for.

The CDR 825E has an extra wide 140 degree viewing angle that gives a great view of the road. It is a camera that you can connect with to a dash lighter outlet, so it will be charged.

So can you get 1080p footage? Oh yes. not only that, there is a G-Sensor which can sense some sudden acceleration and collisions that allow the camera in order to automatically capture and protect critical footage before, during, and immediately following the accident.

The CDR 825E can be mounted with a sticky mount and then it clips to that. Once you start driving, the footage records to an 8 GB card, which it also comes with. By the way, as soon as you stop driving, you can watch the video with a 2.7-inch LCD screen.

If you want this camera, it is available on the Cobra Electronics site for about $139.95. It is interesting that the unit that I reviewed had only CDR 825, but the only that I could find had a label of CDR 825E.

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