Lets’ Talk Television, and Why It Is Dead

So, does anyone remember when after 8, you made plans to watch TV. Sure, you could have taped it, but even with VCRs, people still watched TV. Now, who needs that? Why should I watch a show when “they” want me to? Not only is there TiVo, but ways to stream shows after they air.

What is so funny is that I can’t think of any show that I just can’t wait to watch. That is, I’m willing to wait a week so I can watch last week’s episode of The Simpsons. They have have to ask myself why I am even watching The Simpsons.

The good thing about television and all its content is there is always something good on, and with Netflix, you don’t have to wait for it every week. Shoot, they have entire seasons of shows that you can binge-watch, which is a serious thing that viewers are doing.

But hey, who needs shows from the networks? I can go to YouTube and watch really good views made by amateurs. In many cases, they are funnier than what the networks put out. Heck,just watching the Nostalgia Critic, a show about bad shows keeps me well entertained.

Here’s the thing that television needs to learn: just get some content that people want. This is all that is needed. Then find away to monetize it, and let the Internet find your fanbase. This is really how it works now, right?

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