Secur Products Part 1: Folding Solar Powered LED Lantern

Secur SP-1107_wideIn case you are wondering, this is not a ceiling fan. This is the first of Secur products that I will be reviewing this week.

If you aren’t familiar with Secur products, then I want you to become acquainted with them. The ones that I tried out can do so many things, and this first one is designed for some terrific lighting in emergency situations. It just so happens to look like a fan.

What you can’t see in the photo is how the solar panels on the opposite side of the blades can absorb light in order to create light on the other side. These are high output LEDs, and it has a hook (which can fold down flush when not in use) so you can hang it from a tent roof or something so you will have light.

The product can charge in direct sunlight in just 12 hours, or 4 hours using a USB cable, which is included. It has a large capacity 6000 mAh power bank, and a low setting of 50 lumens, high setting of 100 lumens, plus a flashing light for some emergencies.

By the way, those fan blades fold up, for easy storage. It isn’t quite an effective flashlight as when the blades are out. Anyway, this is one great Secur product that I will recommend, and it costs $34.99 from the Secur website.

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