“Girl is trying too hard to take a selfie” video makes me wonder

selfie girlI’m going to be writing about some serious issues today, and the first thing I would like to address is our trend toward narcissism. Part of this is the trend for those to take “selfies”, as well as social media where we have the ability to log our life, whether it is worth logging or not.

Think about it. How many friends do you have on Facebook that keep posting things that you honestly don’t care about? Worse yet, you can’t imagine why anyone would care about these things? Some of the things may be worthy of “Likes” but oftentimes, I wish Facebook had a “Meh” button. Much of these “meh’s” would be over selfies.

Selfies are simply an obvious adaptation to social media culture. I find that I take pictures of them every once in a while when I am in a place where I have never been, but I often ask someone to hold the camera or phone for me. Front facing cameras have clearly made “selfie” a word, and I found it strange that the word is now a TV series.

I’ve watched the pilot episode of Selfie, and I have to admire what it is trying to do. The main character is obsessed with looking good online, that bad experiences for her are magnified. The fact that she loved to mock people online made it worse when she was mocked. Selfie is, at its heart, a show about how a selfish person is gaining a sense of trying to help the world around them. This is a theme that isn’t new, but it updates it for the social media age.

This leads to today’s video which you can watch above. I want to let you know that it is Not Safe for Work. Yeah, the girl is in a bikini, but you can show that on a G-rated movie. It is because of the language, from the person filming this.

I have no idea where this video was taken, but it has stirred up a lot of discussion on the Internet. It shows a girl taking pictures of herself in a bikini, presumably so she can do selfies. Maybe she’s sending them to someone, it is not revealed.

What is interesting is the one who is filming is commenting, and I don’t necessarily agree with her. Especially when she starts insulting the bikini-clad girl. I can’t really condone calling anyone ugly and don’t see an occasion where this would be appropriate.

However, I believe the speaker’s statement where she says that the bikini woman has been taking selfie-shots for quite a long time. Generally, most of my phone videos happen when it is too late to start filming, so who knows how long this woman as been self-shooting?

If this bikini-lady is trying to take a selfie, then this does go into narcissistic territory. I don’t really see a reason for all these shots, but this might be more of a product of the society that we live in, with an obsession over selfies.

I can’t help but think that if the Internet survives a century from now, what we will think about ourselves? There will be so much information to go through on everyone from countless social networks, that doing research on anyone after the year 2000 will be a matter of sifting through the info that they won’t go through. The conclusion that I hope the next generation will draw was that we were self-obsessed people, but if we are, then will the next generation even care, at all?

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