Are Nintendo’s Days Numbered?

Last week, I forgot to cover an announcement from the big N with the 2DS. A lot of people think that is a serious step down, and the commercial that I uploaded seems like a Saturday Night Live fake ad.

It feels really stupid to say this, but does anyone think it is odd that Nintendo is doing something whose greatest claim is “can play 3D games in 2D”?

I guess Nintendo just needed something new to come out for the holidays. After all, when your two competitors will have upgrades of their consoles this console, and you have the Wii U, it is time for a price cut.

I don’t know if I can really say that Nintendo is on its way out. After all, I remember back when the GameCube was $99. Yeah, those were tough days, but what happened later? The Wii, and history was made.

So, what will Nintendo do next? Generally, consoles have a turnaround time of a little under ten years. What in the world will Nintendo give us in less than a decade? Look out, 2020.


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