Edge of Nowhere by Insomniac Games for the Oculus Rift

Edge of NowhereI believe that we are going to see a lot of Oculus Rift games, as the device is going to go to the typical consumer. One such game would be Edge of Nowhere, and it is a virtual reality game for a new generation.

The game is about the main character who is searching for a missing expedition team, which is a sign that you are about to enter a world of horror. The game takes place in the scary Arctic, which is supposed to be reminiscent of John Carpenter’s The Thing.

My source talks about a demo where it begins when a giant tentacle monster walks over you, and I am assuming that you get a good look at it from the Oculus Rift. After that, there is a voice saying “you shouldn’t be here”, and then you get taken by tentacles.

It looks like there might be a lot of games like this. I can’t help think that console games are numbered with stuff like this


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