Our Review of the SteelSeries Rival 110 Gaming Mouse and Qck+ Limited Gaming Mousepad

Ah, SteelSeries! Yes, you are a great maker of video gaming accessories, and man, was I pleased that I had the opportunity to review more of them! This time, it is the Rival 110 gaming mouse, as well as the Qck + Limited mousepad.

The Rival 110 is made to be a gaming mouse for true 1 to 1 tracking with 7,200 CPI and 240 IPS. I am totally and completely unaward of what that means, but it certainly makes the cursor go fast on my screen. I suppose that means that those who play some MMOs have some serious game.

Although you can’t see this in the picture, but it actually has six buttons. There are two left and right click switches on the top. On the side, there are some awesome forward and backward switches which come in handy for surfing the net.

The other features include its lightweight design, and I love to see the SteelSeries logo glowing on it. It is available on the SteelSeries site for $39.99. While we are talking about what is available, let’s talk about a great mousepad with the Qck + Limited.

This is part of their Qck series, and I am guessing that this is some kind of limited edition, maybe? I am assuming that the unusual pattern is made so the mouse will recognize it, and that cursor will soar on the screen.

Part of it is the micro-woven cloth surface with a high thread count. By the way, SteelSeries has had 15 years of experience, and it shows. I like how the Qck Limited has a squishy feeling.

The Qck Limited is available for $22.99, and that is a reduced price from the SteelSeries site.

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