Maroo GEM Collection Earbuds for Women!

Maroo earphonesI think we all know that there is a time when saying that something is for women just isn’t sexist. I suppose that the Maroo Gem Collection is for women because they have gems on their ears. I suppose that I could say that it could be some man-bling, but that feels like another article.

I’m not certain if the gem is the only thing that qualifies this as deserving of the slogan “designed for a woman’s ear”. The tips are optimized for women’s ears with five selected sizes with single and double flange tip options. Apparently, it is designed to suppress external noises while channeling pure audio clarity, but men want that too, right?

So, there’s this convenient in-line mic and button control like call/answer/end conversation, as well as pause/play/skip forward/skip back. Oh, it also works with Siri, Cortana, and Google Now.

Another thing that I should probably talk about is the case. How shall I describe it? It looks like something that you would put an engagement ring in. Yeah, probably not made for a man. Unless you are…you know, I will just shut up about that.

The Maroo GEM Collection is available on the Maroo website for about $79.95, but this is the pre-order price. I’ve no idea when it will actually ship, but I was sent one for review, so it can’t be too long.

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