My Review of the Siberia Elite from SteelSeries

siberia EliteEver since I heard that SteelSeries was releasing the Siberia Elite from SteelSeries, I have been wanting to review them myself. I finally got the chance, and I can tell you that if these headphones won’t get you into your game, I am not certain what will.

I believe that this is designed for PC gaming, and it comes with a USB sound card with digital processing. The user is required to plug in the headphones into this card, and then plug it into their computer via USB. I had a hard time working with this, and wanted to simply use the other mic/audio port. Instead, I decided to install the software and realized I would have to tell my computer to default to the Siberia Elite headphones.

Now the software allows you to set levels for the Dolby sound, which is nothing short of lifelike. It can also allow you to set the colors for the headphones. You can see in the photo here that they are orange, but they can be up to 16.8 million colors.

The Siberia Elite fits on my head comfortably, and I wonder how long I can wear it before feeling the basic discomfort that comes from over-the-ear headphones. Since the earcups are padded along with the headphones, I am thinking that I can game all day. From here, I have an active noise cancellation microphone that reduces background noise, and even has an LED on the mic to tell when it is muted. To turn it on, just turn the left ear. The volume control is on the right ear, and it is convenient to have the dials on the ears.

In short, I recommend these headphones for all you gamers out there. You can get them on the SteelSeries site for about $199.99.

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