FOODsniffer can detect rotten meat, electronically

Food SnifferI think that we are all into “The Internet of Things”, and I heard that Samsung is devoting a lot of time at IFA 2015. This FOODsniffer is something that every cook needs, and possibly every household.

The issue is meat, and it is difficult to tell when it has gone bad until it’s too late. You definitely want to be on the eating side when it has gone bad.

The FOODsniffer can be synced up with a mobile device via Bluetooth. You can press up against the food, and its electronic sense of smell can “sniff” out when the meat is going to spoil. Yes, it seems to only do meat like pork, beef, chicken, and fish.

Apparently, the nose can lie to you. So if you don’t trust the amount of bacteria that could be in your meat, then I recommend the FOODsniffer. It can be purchased on the website for 3 separate purchases of $43.33, and I recommend going there if you want to know more about it.

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