Kolibree Can Claim It Is The Smartest and Most Elegant Toothbrush

KolibreeI think that that best term that I can use to describe the Kolibree toothbrush is “gamification”. That is, that if there is a way to do something, someone has to make a way to put points on it so you can keep doing this. I suppose that one of the most mundane things in the world is brushing your teeth, so why not have a method of making you do something. The Kolibree allows you to make a game out of brushing your teeth.

This vibrating toothbrush uses sonic vibrating technology, and it has motion tracking with 3D sensors. The sensors are there to pair with an application that syncs with Bluetooth to a tablet or smartphone.

The purpose is to work with the gamified apps so you can monitor your teeth brushing. There is an application for adults and a cute game for kids. You can even share your results with your dentist, and I’m curious to see if dentists are recommending this Kolibree brush.

The cool thing about the Kolibree has a stand that is good for wireless charging. You just plug the stand in, and put the toothbrush on a peg and it will work for you.

All in all, the Kolibree is a toothbrush made for the information age, and why shouldn’t it exist? In the age of IOT (The Internet of Things) there is a lot to like about this.

You can purchase the Kolibree toothbrush for about $199.99 on the Kolibree site, with replacement heads for about $19.99.

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