My review of the eTAPE 16

etape 16While I was at CES 2015, I had a cool chance to see many great gadgets, including the eTAPE 16. I am not certain if I have ever seen a technological tape measure before, but I would like to see more advances in it.

It has a Large Digital Display on top, which means that you don’t even have to look at the tape to get your measurement. So what good is that? Well, you can convert that into inches/feet or centimeters.

Also, you can keep a measurement on the eTAPE 16 by pushing the 1 and 2 on them. It is kind of like the “Memory” button on a calculator. There is also a “hold” button for retaining the last measurement, so you can keep the measurement on top, retract the tape, and write it down for later.

In addition to all those features, it has a mid-point so you can find the center of the measurement that you make. I have to admit that if I was still into carpentry (I served as a carpenter’s assistant once twenty years ago), then I would want to have the eTAPE 16.

You should be able to get the eTAPE 16 for about $29.95 on the website, and I believe that there is one version coming with Bluetooth, which will make it even more useful.

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