The Amazon Echo is a Siri for your home

Amazon EchoAmazon has had some cool stuff for consumers besides all of its books and other things. Now they have the Echo.

What is the Echo? Well, you know that Siri that you have on your iPhone or the Google vocal thing on your Android phone? Picture that, but in a cylindrical shape and always in your home.

No, that is not creepy at all, but if you want to set an alarm, get a weather forecast, or ask a general question, then you will get an answer. You can even make a make a grocery list or set a timer and Bluetooth it to your smartphone. Huh, I just used Bluetooth as a verb.

In addition to the features, the Echo has omni-directional sound, which means it is good for spreading the sound. It will cost you $99-199, but that price depends on whether or not you are an Amazon Prime member.


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