Brydge 9.7 Keyboard for the iPad Air and iPad Air 2

BrydgeI realize that what you are looking at in the image looks to be an overhead view of a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. However, if you look closer, this is an iPad on a Brydge 9.7 keyboard.

Yes, this is a Brydge, and it is spelled as incorrectly as a super-hero of the nineties. When I saw this product on display at CES with an iPad in it, I thought I was looking at a small MacBook, and perhaps this is the point of this product.

Yes, there are some people that want a Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard when they type on an iPad, and might welcome the set-up of a laptop. If you are going to have clamps that hold the iPad in place, attached to a keyboard, then you might as well give it some speakers.

The good news is the Brydge 9.7 keyboard has 3 month’s of battery life on a single one hour charge via included micro USB cable. It really is a wondrous product for those who wish to transform an Apple tablet into an Apple laptop, at the lowest possible price.

Yes, there is a lot of good reasons to purchase a Brydge 9.7, and it can be found on the Brydge site for about $129.99 in Silver, Space Gray, and Gold. It is good for the iPad Air 1, 2 and the 9.7 inch Pro.

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