Our Review of the QODE Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case for the iPad Air 2

Belkin QODEI was pleased to review the QODE from Belkin, and it lives up to its name of the Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case for the iPad Air.

Okay, I had a chance to try it out, and I compared it to the description on the official product site, and it says that I should be able to detach the case with the iPad Air in it easily. The issue is that I could not get that to work. If it is detachable, I sure as heck couldn’t figure out how to do it in five minutes. The GIF on the site makes it look really magnetic and it easily comes apart, but it didn’t.

Still, I like the magnets on how it keep shut. By the way, I also like how you can adjust the iPad Air 2 in order to type it at all kinds of angles. Okay, maybe three angles, but it is pretty good, even if I can’t get it to work properly. Oh, I forgot to mention that it has smart-sensing auto on/off technology.

Anyway, I was able to pair it very easily, and it pairs easily with the iPad Air and other devices. The keyboard has “as many keys as a computer”, and it is a good typing experience with three levels of brightness. I might as well mention that it has a battery life of up to 1 year, which is quite impressive.

If you would like to get this for your iPad Air 2, head over to the Belkin site and pay $149.99 for it.

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