Mobee Magic Case for the iPhone 5

Mobee Magic CaseI know what you guys are thinking: Mark, why are you reviewing a case for the iPhone 5? You are aware that there is an iPhone 6 now, right? My response is that a lot of people still have the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, even the iPhone 5C. So the company that makes this Magic Case for the iPhone 5, Mobee, is by no means behind.

We have reported on Mobee products before, first with the Magic Juice and Magic Charger and then with the Magic Feet and Magic Numpad. Check out those reviews to see what you can do with those, but for now, I will talk about the Magic Case 2200 mAh battery and case.

This case surrounds the iPhone 5/5S, and it is good for 2 full charges for Apple’s smartphone, and it is compatible with the other Mobee products I have stated above for wireless charges, as well as their Mobee Magic Cable. Just power the battery/case up via USB, and when your iPhone gets low, push and hold the button on the back for about 3 seconds.

Sure, there are other products like this, and a case like this usually costs. This particular one is available on the Mobee site for about $79.99, but only in black.

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