Nomad Ultra Rugged Battery Cable

nomad-4Well, I think I am through reviewing leather products from Nomad, so I guess I will review…another Nomad product? Yes, this is an Ultra Rugged Cable, and it comes in four forms.

I’ll talk about the one that I was sent to reviwe, the Ultra Rugged Battery Cable. Unlike the other cables, this one has a 2350 mAh battery. Since this is a battery cable with a Lightning connector, that means it will give you a good charge for your iPhone 7.

Now, when I first saw this product, I thought this this was some kind of super thick and flexible steel cable. That is not the case, but it is made of Kevlar and nylon, so it is quite tough. I will say that I like this thing on it that makes it easier to wind up.

The battery cable is a pretty great product to have, and is quite a great gift for $39.95 on the Nomad site. Also available is the Universal cable at $34.95 and Lightning cable for $29.95.

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